Module 1 Overview and Structure
Unit 1 Welcome to Emerge
Unit 2 Overview: The Three Phases of the Emerge Process
Unit 3 The Ocean, the Lighthouse, and the Rower
Unit 4 Timeline: How Far Into the Past and Future You’ll Go
Unit 5 Perspectives and Lenses for Your Journey
Unit 6 Tips and Suggestions for Your Emerge Process
Module 2 Core Meditations
Unit 1 Introduction to Core Meditations
Unit 2 Embodied Awareness
Unit 3 Witnessing Curiosity
Unit 4 Grounding Meditation
Unit 5 Embodied Inquiry
Module 3 Phase 1: Inhabit Your Past
Unit 1 Phase 1: Inhabit the Past
Unit 2 Step 1: Recollect Your Past
Unit 3 Step 2: Unpacking Meaning and Insight from Your Past
Unit 4 Final Bonus Step: Reviewing Your Life as a Whole
Module 4 Phase 2: Align with the Present
Unit 1 Phase 2: Align With the Present
Unit 2 Lighthouse of Your Values and Life Domains
Unit 3 Domain Sorting Exercise
Unit 4 Values Sorting Exercise
Module 5 Phase 3: Emerge into the Future
Unit 1 Phase 3: Emerge into the future
Unit 2 Different Flavors of Response, Actions, and Goals
Unit 3 Turning the Mind Toward Your Goals
Unit 4 Articulate Next Steps
Unit 5 Preparing for Challenges
Unit 6 An Example from My Life
Module 6 Live Your Question with Embodied Intention
Unit 1 Live Your Question with Embodied Intention
Unit 2 The Power of Embodied Intention Practice.
Unit 3 Live Your Question
Module 7 Create a Cycle of Empowerment
Unit 1 Create a Cycle of Empowerment and Transformation
Module 8 Support for Your Emerging Process
Unit 1 Thank you! Further Support for the Emerge Process

Emerge: How to Thrive in a World Gone Mad

Emerge is a new training program by Ryan Oelke, offering a thoughtful 3-phase process that will empower you to fully inhabit your experience, more deeply relate in real-time to life, and to formulate agile paths of response and action. With this embodied integral training, you will both be more passionately inspired from the core of your being and you will more successfully see the change, experiences, and results you and we long for and need in this moment and in the future.