Module 1 Introduction to Flourishing
Unit 1 Introduction to Integral Flourishing
Unit 2 Program Overview
Unit 3 Introduction to Integral Theory
Unit 4 Introduction to the PERMA Model
Unit 5 Summary
Module 2 "Positive" Emotion
Unit 1 An Experiential Introduction to Positive Emotion
Unit 2 On the Emergence of Positive Psychology
Unit 3 The Strengths and Challenges of Positive Psychology
Unit 4 The Value of Positive Emotions
Unit 5 The Value of Negative Emotions
Unit 6 Summary
Module 3 ​Quadrants
Unit 1 The Domains of Experience
Unit 2 The Quadrants In Depth
Unit 3 The Domains in the Quadrants
Unit 4 Criticism of Integral Theory
Unit 5 Summary
Module 4 Neurobiology & Well-Being
Unit 1 Objectivity and Subjectivity in Depth
Unit 2 Stress and the HPA Axis
Unit 3 The Relaxation Response
Unit 4 Progressive Muscle Relaxation
Unit 5 The Happiness Chemicals
Unit 6 Body Scan Exercise
Unit 7 Neural Plasticity
Unit 8 Interoception Exercise
Unit 9 Summary
Module 5 Meaning
Unit 1 Introduction to Meaning
Unit 2 Three Perspectives on Meaning
Unit 3 Three Meaningful Moments
Unit 4 Meaning Within the Domains and Quadrants
Unit 5 Deathbed Visualization
Unit 6 Meaning Beyond Models
Unit 7 Cultivating Witness Awareness
Unit 8 Shifting Your Sense of Self
Unit 9 Field Awareness Exercise
Unit 10 Summary
Module 6 ​Intelligences
Unit 1 Introduction to Intelligences
Unit 2 Physical Intelligence
Unit 3 Emotional Intelligence
Unit 4 Mental Intelligence
Unit 5 Existential Exercise
Unit 6 Self-Intelligence
Unit 7 Creative Intelligence
Unit 8 Moral Intelligence
Unit 9 Environmental Intelligence
Unit 10 Intelligence Snapshot
Unit 11 Summary
Module 7 Engagement
Unit 1 Introduction to Engagement
Unit 2 Experiencing Flow
Unit 3 Movement, Breath, and Flow
Unit 4 Optimism, Pessimism, Sufficiency, and Insufficiency
Unit 5 Superhero Exercise
Unit 6 Summary
Module 8 States & Shadow
Unit 1 Introduction to States
Unit 2 The Major States of Individual Human Consciousness
Unit 3 States in Relation to the Domains of Experience
Unit 4 Inhabiting Physical Awareness
Unit 5 Inhabiting Emotional-Mental Awareness
Unit 6 Inhabiting Existential Awareness
Unit 7 Inhabiting Witness Awareness
Unit 8 Inhabiting Unity Awareness
Unit 9 Inhabiting Five States of Awareness
Unit 10 The Phenomenon of Shadow
Unit 11 Embodying Shadow
Unit 12 Summary
Module 9 Vitality
Unit 1 Vitality and Sleep
Unit 2 Vitality and Hydration
Unit 3 Vitality and Nutrition
Unit 4 Vitality and Exercise
Unit 5 Summary
Module 10 ​Relationships
Unit 1 Introduction to Relationships
Unit 2 The Quality of Relationships
Unit 3 Cultivating Compassion
Unit 4 Non-Violent Communication
Unit 5 Active Constructive Responding
Unit 6 Consensual and Non-consensual Violence
Unit 7 Cultivating Gratitude
Unit 8 Relationship Network Snapshot
Unit 9 Gratitude Letter
Unit 10 Additional Gratitude Exercise
Unit 11 Summary
Module 11 ​Types
Unit 1 Introduction to Types
Unit 2 An Abstract Model of Masculinity and Femininity
Unit 3 A Human-Centered Model of Masculinity and Femininity
Unit 4 The Myers Briggs Type Indicator
Unit 5 The Five Factor Model
Unit 6 The Enneagram
Unit 7 Summary
Module 12 Accomplishment
Unit 1 The First Phase of Identifying
Unit 2 The Second Phase of Inventorizing
Unit 3 The Third Phase of Implementing
Unit 4 Counting the Breath
Unit 5 The Fourth Phase of Internalizing
Unit 6 Summary
Module 13 Levels
Unit 1 Introduction to Levels
Unit 2 Levels of Human Society
Unit 3 Levels of Shared Worldviews
Unit 4 Levels of Worldview and the Heinz Dilemma
Unit 5 Levels of Individual Interior Development
Unit 6 Summary
Module 14 Integral Flourishing
Unit 1 Flourishing Within the PERMA Model and the Integral Model
Unit 2 Course Summary & Practice Book
Unit 3 Conclusion

The Essence of Integral Flourishing

To flourish is to thrive in every context of your life. And to do so, you need an integral mind, one that sees the big picture and the details of how flourishing is intimately tied to factors like emotional positivity, shadow, flow states, vitality, interpersonal connection, joy, purposeful contribution, and goal achievement. In The Essence of Integral Flourishing, the most comprehensive course Integral Life has ever published on integral theory, you will build the deep understanding you need to thrive.