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Enchanting – Life’s Dream Calling: The Thrilling Adventures of the 2nd Half of Life

June 12 at 9:00 am - 10:30 am PDT

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Note: This event was originally scheduled for June 5th but did not take place due to tech issues. It is now rescheduled for June 12 at noon ET.

How can the 2nd half of life become a deeply fulfilling and enchanting adventure with zest and esprit? How can your life dream and LIFE’S dream of you come true in our highly complex times, and how can an enriching life together with other, very different people be possible at the same time, despite all the challenges that life and aging present?

In this book I show in a colourful sequence of topics and authors and in an easy-to-understand way, how the findings of psychotherapy offer inspiring, enriching, unconventional and encouraging answers to the questions posed above. For a fulfilling life across the life-span it is imperative to better understand and consider the interplay of body, mind, soul, and spirit including the unconscious. Therefore, I place particular emphasis on the significance of its integration and on the nocturnal dream as an evolutionary map. With it, also the immense creative capacity and willpower inherent in every human being are of great importance. Integrating and embracing all these areas is crucial for an empowering and deeply satisfying 2nd half of life, especially on the bumpy road that life
sometimes throws at us.

In addition to my own explanations, I also let well-known authors from the fields of psychotherapy, consciousness research, medicine, sociology, philosophy, quantum physics, biology, and anthropology such as C. G. Jung, C. P. Estés, Ken Wilber, James Hillman, L. Rosenmayr, Danielle Quinodoz, Helen Luke, Roberto Assagioli, Ingrid Riedel, Marie-Louise v. Franz, Arnold Mindel, Rupert Sheldrake, Alan Wolf, and others have their say.


Margrit Eleonore Haid (born 1952) is an Austrian psychotherapist, author and traveler living in Innsbruck, Tyrol. After being an AFS exchange student in Phoenix, AZ, in 1972 and then providing psychological support to the small schools in the mountain valleys as an outpatient counseling teacher, she has since worked as psychotherapist in her own practice. In addition to training in psychodrama and cognitive therapy, she is deeply rooted in Jungian psychoanalysis. She combines all her knowledge in an integrated way, has specialized in dream analysis and offers live and online workshops. She has also been practicing oriental dance for more than 30 years and has trained in "Dervish dance, oriental healing methods and Sufi meditation" with the ethnologist, Arabist and Sufi teacher Dr Rosina-Fawzia Al Rawi,
Vienna – Jerusalem – Baghdad.

M.E. Haid has traveled extensively, and her daughters and grandchildren live in Mexico and in London-Paris-Marrakech, Morocco. Her deepest heartfelt concern is the connection and mediation between the different worlds, cultures, and religions, both externally and internally, between the conscious and the unconscious, between body, mind, soul, and spirit. Learn more at www.mehaid.eu



June 12
9:00 am - 10:30 am PDT
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Margrit Eleonore Haid