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Flourishing Live

What is Flourishing Live?

Flourishing Live is a live online program to help you develop a personalized strategy to thrive optimally across all areas of your life.

Experience a Dynamic Online Adventure

If you’re interested in living a life that is as healthy, happy and meaningful as possible, then join Lee Mason for this dynamic online live experience.

Over the course of 12 sessions (2 hours each), you’ll connect with people from all across the world and engage in inspiring dialogues and exercises together.

You’ll also benefit from the wisdom and life-experience of your fellow participants, while you explore what Integral Flourishing means to you personally.

This live online program is starting on the first week of March.

Course Overview

Why Attend These Sessions?

The Flourishing Live program is for you if you wish to…

  • Feel more focused and energetic
  • Live more mindfully and inhabit your body more fully
  • Connect more deeply with family, friends and colleagues
  • Feel more joyous in life and experience flow more often
  • Experience a deeper sense of purpose and greater satisfaction in life
  • Achieve important personal and professional goals
  • Identify destructive behavior patterns and develop more constructive behavior patterns instead
  • Live in accordance with your most important values and ideals
  • Experience greater resilience and relate more skillfully to adversity in life
  • Feel greater compassion towards yourself and others

Commune With A Supporting And Inspiring Group

Enter into a space where you can comfortably be your most complete self, and where you can experience a community that will help you to grow and develop.

The group processes are designed to help you feel supported, while you learn, grow and constructively challenge yourself in a safe environment.

Within a framework of acceptance, compassion and mutual inspiration, you’ll be invited to forge nourishing connections with others, who will stimulate you to achieve your personal flourishing goals.

You’ll also feel encouraged to inhabit your best self by others who are on a developmental path similar to yours.

Structure of Program

During the Flourishing Live program, we’ll focus on helping you to develop effective strategies to experience optimal flourishing in your daily life.

Throughout the sessions, we’ll reference the theoretical frameworks of Ken Wilber’s Integral Model and Martin Seligman’s PERMA+V Model.

Session Activities

During the Flourishing Live program, you’ll…

  • Improve areas of your life where you’re languishing
  • Identify, develop and utilize your personal talents and skills
  • Connect with others around themes that are important to you
  • Develop healthy eating, drinking, sleeping and exercise habits
  • Turn negative emotions into personal growth
  • Identify behavioral patterns that are holding you back in life
  • Formulate strategies to achieve meaningful personal and professional milestones
  • Identify and overcome limiting beliefs
  • Develop a more friendly and constructive inner critic
  • Increase emotional stability and mental flexibility

What You'll Learn

Program Phases

The Flourishing Live program consists of 4 phases:

Phase 1: Mining Your Flourishing Potential

During this phase, you’ll leverage your talents, skills and personality type to determine your desired future.

Phase 2: Charting Your Course

During this phase, you’ll identify your main flourishing obstacles and formulate effective solutions to overcome these obstacles.

Phase 3: Unlocking Greater Flourishing

During this phase, you’ll take action, with the encouragement of a supportive group of equals, to create an optimally healthy, happy and meaningful life.

Phase 4: Creating Lasting Change

During this phase, you’ll sustain your successes by creating constructive routines and helpful habits.

What People Say

"Lee was so attentive to me and the other participants. Working with the others was fun and very bonding. I enjoyed meeting others in this way. Thank you so much for the opportunity to share in this wonderful experience!" – Dianne Brause

"For me it was a life changer, personal live sessions where you get to discuss your opinion with the facilitator, and Lee gave a lot of positive tips to get emotionally strong." – Fathima Shahani

"Lee is one of my favorite online session facilitators. The work he brings is highly useful in personal and professional realms." – Sheila Stahl

"Today, in the session, I was met with amazing positivity, ideas, ideals and concrete goals to realize and be inspired by! Lee creates the perfect space for achieving goals!" – Mary Janicki

"Lee is consistent in providing a quality session, every single time. The calm and centered, open-hearted and affirming presence he brings, his group facilitation skills, the impeccable and appropriate practices, encouraging all to participate and holding a safe and sacred space to make it possible. He models exemplary coaching skills, asking clarifying questions and making useful suggestions that invite one to stretch just that little bit more. I admire and appreciate the new perspectives and invitations to look at something in a more self-friendly and helpful way." – Aneesah Wilhelmstätter

"I very much appreciate the way Lee reflects back to us what we have expressed with real clarity. And I am amazed at what can be achieved in such a short space of time." – Sarah Joseph

"I very much appreciate that Lee orients us towards action steps, I can do the "investigative" processing, but don't always move into action." – Anonymous

"Heartfelt connection with others! Lee facilitated the group with smooth, flexible poise, clear affirmations and suggestions, and a sweet openness that was warm and inviting." – Anonymous

"Lee is a wonderful presence and guide. The discussions were real and honest." – Bruce Hartsough

"Lee is a skilled facilitator who brings clarity, precision, practicality, and ease to complicated matters. His ability to honor different perspectives but not get bogged down in any one of them is helpful and inspiring." – Anonymous

"A very clear structure with lots of space to be one's self. Lee set up a safe space for us all to learn." – Wheaton Griffin

"As always, Lee provides context for deep reflection & a call to action." – Phyllis Barrie

"Lee was great at presenting, giving feedback and listening." – Anonymous

"I am beginning to have more ownership of my life, taking more responsibility instead of blaming external factors, and I am more in touch with my likes and dislikes." – Anonymous

About Lee Mason

Lee Mason

As a Physical Therapy graduate of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HvA), Lee has facilitated thousands of treatment sessions with patients in various sectors of the Dutch healthcare industry. As a teacher, he has facilitated courses and workshops for students of universities in Amsterdam (UvA), Utrecht (UU) and Eindhoven (TU). He has also created two online courses about the practical application of Integral Theory for the online education platform Ubiquity University. As a coach, he has provided coaching for clients employed by Accenture, Amsterdam University (VU) and the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture & Science (OCW). Throughout his career, Lee has helped people to develop healthy exercise, nutrition, hydration and sleep habits and also effectively transform unproductive thoughts, unpleasant emotions and limiting beliefs. Lee’s book (in Dutch), presents an Integrally-informed method which readers can use to achieve important life goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our first zoom session will be during the first week of March and the program will run for circa 12 weeks. Once we have a group, Lee will reach out to determine the best day & time for everyone.

Each session will be 2 hours. Expect to spend between 1-2 hours between sessions on powerful exercises you’ll do on your own.

Yes. And, you will get more out of the in-person sessions if you complete the assignments. This program is about you committing to you and doing the between-session work is the first step you can take to make a greater commitment to yourself.

For the best experience, we highly recommend attending all sessions in person to benefit from doing the practices live with your cohort. However, each session will be recorded and the replay will be available within 2 days.

No. Recordings will be made available for the cohort exclusively. This ensures confidentiality and a safe container.

We don’t know. If you are interested, it would be best to sign up for this cohort.

For more information, please contact Lee directly at lee@practicalintegral.com.

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  • – Live Q&A on every call,
  • – Weekly lessons and guidance.

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