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Integrating Polarities

Integrating Polarities is a revolutionary new training program by Beena Sharma, designed to teach you the higher-order thinking common to leading-edge individuals at the integral stage of development.

This training is designed to model the higher-order thinking associated with integral stages of psychological maturity, offering you a step-by-step process to help you learn these thinking skills and apply them to your life, your relationships, and your work in the world.

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Course Overview

Integrating Polarities will teach you more integral ways of thinking, and help accelerate your development toward more integral ways of being.

Just as we teach ‘critical thinking’ to help people enter the rational stage of development, and we teach ‘creative thinking’ to help people grow into the pluralistic stage, this training represents the next step in this unfolding, designed to help people grow into integral stages of maturity.

This isn’t just another way to use and apply the integral map. It’s a way to learn the type of thinking that produces things like ‘integral maps’ in the first place.

What is Polarity Thinking?

Polarities describe the tensions and competing forces inside any occasion — inside vs. outside, interior vs. exterior, individual vs. collective, transcendence vs. inclusion, and on into every realm of the universe (conservative vs. progressive, masculine vs. feminine, individual freedoms vs. collective responsibilities, globalization vs. nationalism, etc.)

Notice that in the middle of each of these poles is the word “versus”. Because that is exactly what they feel like when these polarities remain unintegrated — they are in opposition, they contradict each other, they create friction with each other. And we can feel the burning heat of that friction in our own lives, in our communities, and in the world around us.

When we have a process to identify and integrate these polarities within our own hearts and minds, and in relationship with others, the tensions and conflicts begin to feel more manageable. We can harmonize these tensions and step into more adequate ways of seeing and being, individually and collectively. We begin to understand that neither pole is inherently “positive” or “negative”, but rather that they can both produce positive or negative qualities depending on whether they are in a healthy relationship with each other, or dissociated from each other.

In other words, Integrating Polarities is designed to help you supplement this “either/or” mentality with a flexible “both/and” mentality that is capable of bringing vastly different and divergent views together into a more complete vision of health and wholeness. And perhaps more importantly, it helps you to take the next step — to focus upon skillful and strategic actions that can help alleviate suffering and produce a more beneficial outcome.

The Only Way Out Of Polarization

Whether we are talking about politics, culture, or economics, it’s no secret that our world is more polarized today than any other time in recent history. We can see it in the world, we can feel it in our relationships and communities, and we often struggle with it in our own hearts and minds. This increasing polarization is beginning to overwhelm and paralyze our governing institutions, and tearing at the very fabric of civilization itself.

There is only one solution to polarization. And that is to learn how to skillfully manage and integrate the fundamental polarities that are driving so many of these deeply entrenched conflicts, both within ourselves and in the world around us. As integral philosopher Ken Wilber puts it, it’s either that… or it’s war. There just aren’t a whole lot of other options.

Which is precisely why we are so excited for Beena’s new Integrating Polarities training — a program that is designed to help us meet the most significant challenges of our time, and to help free our minds and hearts from the violence of limited and partial thinking.

What You'll Learn

Polarity Thinking
  • Recognize the fundamental polarities at play beneath the surface of any given conflict,
  • Uncover your own hidden biases, shadows, and assumptions that have prevented you from integrating both sides of a given polarity,
  • Trace the dynamic patterns and relationships that exist between poles that appear to be in opposition,
  • Transform the conflicts and tensions inherent to unintegrated polarities into an ongoing source of harmony, inclusion, and deeper understanding,
  • Expand your consciousness to embrace more complexity, more curiosity, and more humility, and becoming more empathetic to others’ perspectives,
  • Help liberate others from the pains and conflicts of polarized thinking, and become a genuine conduit for greater love, insight, and appreciation.

About Beena Sharma

Beena Sharma

Beena Sharma, Founder | VeDA
Program Leader, Master Coach
Beena is the president of Vertical Development Academy and an international coach and consultant. Beena brings 31 years of experience in facilitating human and organizational development. She is committed to designing and delivering exceptional programs to build deep capability in individuals and organizations committed to evolving and creating a sustainable future for all.

Course Curriculum

Module 1 Integrating Polarities Context
Unit 1 How does Integrating Polarities offer a way forward when we are polarized?
Unit 2 How does Integrating Polarities help us when we are faced with “false choices”?
Unit 3 What are the signs that the Integrating Polarities process is working?
Module 2 Integrating Polarities Training
Unit 1 Welcome. Why Are We Here?
Unit 2 Meet Our Learners
Unit 3 Grist for the Mill
Unit 4 Exploring Exercise 3: Question 1
Unit 5 Exploring Exercise 3: Question 2
Unit 6 Exploring Exercise 3: Question 3
Unit 7 Exploring Exercise 3: Question 4
Unit 8 An Old Story Emerges...
Unit 9 Two Energies At Play
Unit 10 The Name of the Game
Unit 11 Exploring A Paired Strength
Unit 12 Defining a Polarity
Unit 13 Going a Bit Deeper
Unit 14 Thinking in Pairs
Unit 15 More About Naming
Unit 16 What Are They Actually Saying?
Unit 17 Polarities in Organizations
Unit 18 Problem or Polarity?
Unit 19 Applying the Polarity Lens to My Issue
Unit 20 Introducing the Full Polarity Map
Unit 21 Time to Practice!
Unit 22 An Example of a Polarity Map
Unit 23 5 Steps to Integrating Polarities
Unit 24 Conclusion
Unit 25 Group Dialogue
Module 3 Integrating Polarities Applications
Unit 1 Introduction
Unit 2 Polarities in Healthcare
Unit 3 Polarities in Organizations
Unit 4 Polarities in Politics
Unit 5 Polarities in Climate Change
Unit 6 Polarities in Poverty, Racism, and Sexism
Module 4 Polarity Wisdom
Unit 1 The Mechanics of Integral Thinking

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