I am excited to share with you 2 offers from Vertical Development Academy (VeDA) and invite you to take this opportunity to learn from Beena Sharma, a leading teacher at Integral Life, expert in adult stage development and Polarity Wisdom

1. Learn how to facilitate Vertical Development

Special offer for Integral Life

We are excited to share with you a new opportunity offered by Beena Sharma, President of Vertical Development Academy (VeDA). Beena is an exceptional resource in the field of developmental coaching, having partnered for over 15 years with Dr. Susanne Cook-Greuter, seminal researcher of adult development. VeDA is committed to make vertical development relevant, practical, accessible and applicable for individuals and organizations.

VeDA’s new program is called Maturity Coaching Intensive (MCI). In the Maturity Coaching Intensive, you will take a deep-dive into the stages of maturity, and learn how to coach your clients in a way that is most effective and transformational for their operating worldview, and their particular context and issues.Upon completion of the program, you will be certified by VeDA as a Professional Maturity Coach, which is a powerful differentiator in the growing field of coaching. You will also earn ICF-accredited CCE units for your participation.

Here’s what one of VeDA’s program participants has expressed about his experience:

“I give my highest recommendations to this program for any coach who’s interested in a scientifically-backed, concrete and practical system to meet their clients where they’re at and help them to take on powerful new perspectives…I’m more powerful as a coach now because I’m acutely aware of why each of the approaches I’ve been using tends to land with some clients and not with others.” – Erkan Kadir (Enterprise Agile Coach)

Special Discount For You!
I’m pleased to share that VeDA offers you a generous discount of $530 when you enroll for the program. Please use the following discount code to claim your special participant rate:


Click here to enroll and claim your discount!

Please note that enrollment for this program is closed to the public, and is open only between October 14-28 for VeDA’s partner communities.

If you are inclined to explore more deeply one of the most fascinating areas in development, i.e how adults grow through stages of maturity, I recommend you consider VeDA’s program.

2. Introduction to Polarity Wisdom

Special offer for Integral Life

For those of you who have been following our various shows that keep referring to “Polarities”, here’s a chance to interact with Beena Sharma, Integral Life teacher of Polarity Wisdom. Ken has described polarity thinking as the “mechanics of being integral”… There is no substitute to learning “live” from a master facilitator – so grab this chance to enroll for An Introductory Workshop on Polarity Wisdom. Through Integral LIfe, you get 50% off!

If you have already taken the Integral Life course on Integrating Polarities, join Beena to deepen your understanding and practice!

I hope you will find this offer appealing and intriguing. For those who like to read, here is an article by Beena, published recently in the second volume of the book “AND”, that provides an overview of how Polarities relate to vertical development.

You can also email beena@verticaldevelopment.com to get in touch; Beena is committed to, and will be personally available to support your inquiry about whether either of these programs is right for you.