Hardcore Spirit Dialogue Series

Chris Grosso and Ken Wilber explore a radical new evolution of the spiritual life that is much better adapted to the needs and pressures of the 21st century world. It is a spirituality that is so all-inclusive, nothing gets left out. So all-embracing, it literally has no opposite. So all-pervading, even sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll can find their rightful place on the altar of transformation.

This is not your grandma's spirituality. These aren't the crusty moralizations of traditional religion, or the saccharine pablum of New Age narcissism. This is Hardcore Spirit.

Includes nearly 6 hours of discussion.



Chris, the celebrated author of Indie Spiritualist and Everything Mind, is doing a masterful job of delivering the tremendous wisdom and insight of the world’s spiritual traditions to a whole new generation of seekers, finders, and consciousness hackers, while offering the rest of us a long overdue punch in the Original Face. His “no bullshit” approach to spirituality has inspired young people all around the world to begin carving out their own contemplative practices, and giving them permission to talk honestly about the spiritual life without angst or irony.

Chris was asked by Ken Wilber to compile a list of questions from his friends and peers about their most pressing spiritual questions, concerns, and challenges, resulting in this stunning 6-hour Q&A series. The conversation ranges from the ordinary to the extraordinary, from the unique to the universal, from the practical to the Ultimate, helping you pave a new path to your deepest and most timeless heart.

Includes nearly 6 hours of discussion on the following important topics:

  • What is the intersection between spirituality and technology?
  • How can music be used for spiritual awakening?
  • How can I cultivate higher states of consciousness while staring at a screen all day?
  • Can drugs be useful on the spiritual path?
  • How can we help people make healthy and informed decisions around drug use?
  • How can I use my spiritual practice to better manage trauma, PTSD, and overwhelming emotions?
  • What is the best way to face and integrate my shadow?
  • What are the best forms of spiritual practice for a busy life?
  • How do I re-engage the world after having a peak spiritual experience?
  • How do I honor my own deeper truth and wisdom?
  • Is it possible to consistently live a spiritual life, regardless of the challenges that I encounter on the path?
  • Why does spirituality come more naturally to some people than to others?
  • Does spiritual practice make you immune to fear, anxiety, pain, and other “dark” emotions?
  • Is it possible to actually teach an authentic way of spiritual living?
  • Is spirituality the gateway to the further evolution of the collective human consciousness?
  • How important is it for our spiritual practice to conform to the norms of a particular tradition?
  • What is the appropriate relationship between spirituality and money, and how do we find the right balance?