Integral Dharma

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“Can you start to see that your awakening allows for a more full embrace of the arising of reality? To cultivate a deeper intimacy with what the comprehensive Integral Map points to and a stronger capacity to make sense of everything and everyone happening all at once? You’re not awakening beyond life, you’re awakening into life.” —Ryan Oelke

“Integral Dharma” is an innovative new training program by Ryan Oelke that offers a transformative journey into spiritual awakening, personal growth, and purposeful engagement with the world. Blending timeless Buddhist wisdom with the cutting edge of Integral thought, this training is designed to be accessible to all, regardless of your spiritual or philosophical background.

This course transcends traditional learning, guiding you through a series of experiential lessons where each insight is deeply integrated into your life. It’s a journey that offers not just knowledge, but a profound shift in how you perceive yourself and the world around you. As Ryan says, “Integral Dharma is for living this precious life and for showing up for what matters most.”

Join Ryan as we weave the timeless wisdom of Buddhism with the profound insights of Integral Theory, your gateway to a richer, more awakened, and more meaningful life. Integral Dharma is more than a web course — it is a transformative experience that empowers you to live with greater intention, greater awareness, and greater compassion.

“My hope is that this course helps you make the Integral map easier to digest so you can put it to practice and to integrate the fruition of your practice more easily, intentionally, and spontaneously into all aspects of your life. In the end, you are Integral Dharma, living Integral Dharma.” —Ryan Oelke