Loving Completely eBook


Wouldn't you like to know—quickly, easily and succinctly —what the very best of science tells us about how to have amazing, life-changing relationships, intimacy and sex? Loving Completely is your guide.

Includes both iBooks and Kindle eBook versions.



“Why is it that 40 percent of U.S. adults report chronic loneliness and over 60 percent of self-reported lonely people are married and live with a spouse? Why is it that 37 percent of U.S. adults answered, “Yes,” to “Has marriage not worked out for most people you know?”

The answer is that satisfying modern relationships are complicated and demanding in ways that are regularly difficult to understand and deal with.

That’s why this is a different kind of relationship book. Not only do I explain why we know so much about intimacy and still have to struggle so hard to be consistently fulfilled, but I’ll tell you what to do about it when the inevitable problems arise.” – Dr. Keith Witt