Trump and a Post-Truth World: An Evolutionary Self-Correction

The election of Donald Trump is an evolutionary self-correction that has been decades in the making — a backlash against the failure of the leading edge of consciousness (postmodernism and pluralism) to acknowledge the lie underlying the progress they’ve pursued: it’s not equal, it’s not consistent, and it doesn’t make room for everyone. But a new integral force is emerging that can move beyond the narcissism and nihilism of political correctness to offer genuine leadership and move towards a developmental-based wisdom of greater wholeness.

The Great Divide: How the Clash of Globalization, Technology and the Tribalist Mindset Drives Populism and Predicts a Coming War Over Liberal Values

Populism is on the rise. Too many people feel left out of the march of prosperity and more people than ever believe that the future will not see their kids better off than they are today. The rich get richer while the middle class remains stagnant. There is a growing and robust backlash to political correctness and immigration. And artificial intelligence threatens to make the coming jobs war even worse than previously anticipated…

The Great Release: The Rise of Trump and the End of U.S. Hegemony

Rising populism and the election of President Trump are symptoms of massive irresilience that has been building in the U.S.-led world state since 1945, and may reflect the end of the fourth cycle of economic hegemony of the past 800 years. The Great Recession of 2008 was just a tremor. As we wind toward the coming global breakdown–a great release that is beginning to force innovation, turmoil and threat of regression across every aspect of our lives–we desperately need leaders with the whole-systems, integrative thinking who can guide us to a deliberately-developmental world.

The Integral Vision: A Very Short Introduction to Life, God, the Universe, and Everything

Integrative metatheory is arguably the only credible global philosophy of the 21st century. Ken Wilber’s The Integral Vision is one of the finest introductions to integrative thought and practice you can find. Using all the known systems and models of human growth, from contemplative wisdom to the latest breakthroughs in science, this book argues that there are five simple distinctions you need to master to understand and thrive at the leading edge.

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Present Shock: When Everything Happens Now

In his new book, PRESENT SHOCK: When Everything Happens Now (Current; March 15, 2013), Douglas Rushkoff introduces the phenomenon of presentism, or – since most of us are finding it hard to adapt – present shock. Alvin Toffler’s radical 1970 book, Future Shock, theorized that things were changing so fast we would soon lose the ability to cope. Rushkoff argues that the future is now and we’re contending with a fundamentally new challenge. Whereas Toffler said we were disoriented by a future that was careening toward us, Rushkoff argues that we no longer have a sense of a future, of goals, of direction at all. We have a completely new relationship to time; we live in an always-on “now,” where the priorities of this moment seem to be everything.