Are you deeply committed to human development? Do you seek to enhance your self-awareness and facilitate growth in others and systems around you? If so, we have an exclusive opportunity just for you.

Unlock the Power of Vertical Development

Understanding the stages of human development transforms not only your personal journey but also the lives of those you touch. These intensive development programs provide a unique opportunity to integrate vertical development into your professional practice, whether you are a coach, consultant, leadership facilitator, learning designer, psychologist, social worker, counselor, or psychotherapist.

Why Choose Vertical Development Training?

Whether you are simply curious and would like to cultivate a deeper understanding of the stages of development, or you would like to dive deeper and expand the impact of your current work with a tailored, developmental approach, these programs equip you to master the art of human development with clarity, appreciation, humility, ethics, and nuance. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Receive Your Personal Maturity Profile (MAP): Receive a personalized report with a 1:1 debrief, opening the door to a more sensitive nurturing of your unfolding.
  • Develop a Deep Appreciation of Developmental Stages: Gain profound insights into the stages of development described by the Leadership Maturity Framework (LMF).
  • Have Meaningful, Transformative Conversations: Engage in enriching dialogues with like-minded individuals on the same journey of self-awareness.
  • Learn Targeted Key Developmental Practices (KDPs): Learn practices designed to create new pathways for later-stage perspective-taking, applicable to yourself and others.
  • Perceive and Appreciate Developmental Movements: Identify and articulate developmental shifts during and after the program, enhancing your engagement with self and others.
  • Observe Developmental Potential: Cultivate a sharper sense of potential for shifts in thinking, feeling, and being, appreciating and applying the lens of ego maturity.

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Meet Your Master Facilitator

These intensive development programs are being offered by Beena Sharma, a beloved friend and mentor to the Integral community. She is the president of Vertical Development Academy (VeDA) and a renowned international coach and consultant. Beena has partnered with Dr. Susanne Cook-Greuter for over 18 years in assessing, teaching and coaching for integral development, specifically using the lens of ego maturity. VeDA ‘s mission is to make vertical development relevant, practical, accessible, applicable, and transformative for individuals and organizations. VeDA’s work is rooted in decades of empirical research, scientific measurement, sound theory, robust practice, and rich learning experience of how to bring this body of work alive in service of every individual and collective.

Beena brings over 30 years of experience in facilitating human and organizational development, and is deeply committed to building deep capability in individuals and organizations committed to evolving and creating a sustainable future for all.

Watch Beena's introduction to the Vertical Development training.
Program Options
Level One: LMF Foundations

VeDA’s Our LMF Foundations Program offers you a solid grounding in the Leadership Maturity Framework and its applications. You will learn about the fundamentals of adult development, the empirically derived Leadership Maturity Framework, the research, the measurement used in the research and for application, and the ethical stance required to adopt and apply this body of work.
Level Two: Maturity Coaching Intensive

VeDA’s Maturity Coaching Intensive for Coach Practitioners is a 4-month or 6-day integrative learning experience, where you will build on Level One, take a deeper dive into the stages of maturity, and learn how to tailor your coaching based on the LMF. You will learn to support and challenge your clients in a way that will be most effective and transformational for their operating worldview, and for their particular challenges and potential.
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Is This Program for You?

Many of us integralists have a natural fascination with these stages, and have become very familiar with the theoretical aspects of development. We have any number of maps and resources at our disposal to help us understand and recognize these stages, both in ourselves and in the world. However, these programs are doing something a bit different — they are not merely focusing on the various maps of development, but instead are bringing you directly into the territory, helping us to appreciate how these stages truly come alive in every unique being.

As such, these programs are designed to help you uncover and bring greater awareness to your own stage-related anchors, issues, and potentials, revealing any number of developmental features that may still be subject to you and not yet a part of your conscious awareness. Whether you are an individual practitioner who is trying to better navigate the currents of your own being, or a coach who is trying to find more skillful ways to guide others into their fullest potential, these trainings are designed to help you expand your capacity for perspective-taking, and to bring you directly to the cutting edge of your own development.

If you are eager to integrate vertical development into your work, cultivate a deeper understanding of these developmental stages, and apply these insights to support individuals, teams, and organizations, then these programs are the perfect fit for you.

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