Vision and Values

Have you ever wondered why there are so many competing opinions about what is “true”? It would be easy if there were just competing claims on truth between the various religious traditions, but competing truth claims are everywhere: within politics, economics, science and spirituality, just to name a few. There are even a wide range of competing views and opinions on a subject as seemingly simple as a diet. Where can we to turn to make sense of the wide array of conflicting opinions? Integral Life can help.

We live in a complex, fast-paced world that has many of us literally chasing the tail of our own busy lives. We often ask ourselves why our activities don’t seem to fit together in a way that makes sense.

Think briefly about your job, what motivates you, how you communicate with others, your exercise and nutrition, your spiritual practices (or perhaps none at all), your friends, your relationships, what you read. Do these things all make sense to you in a way that feels like you are living an authentic expression of who you are, or who you want to be? If not, Integral Life may be able to help you better understand how to put the pieces of your life together in a more meaningful way.

Running between the yoga studio and work, sometimes in jobs we are not in love with, reading about the daily disaster in the morning paper, hearing the latest culture war in religion or politics, putting on one persona for work and another for our family life… the list goes on and on. Integral living is about taking these separate parts of our lives – these seemingly fragmented parts – and organizing them in the only place that counts: our own awareness. (In fact, our awareness is the only place where fragmentation can possibly be integrated.)

This is what integral awareness can do for the life you lead right now, just as it has for some of the most successful people in the world, from the world’s most respected academics and spiritual teachers to Hollywood producers; from journalists to heads of state; from university professors to yoga dads. We’re here to help you make greater sense of the human experience, to help you organize and understand all of these competing claims to truth so that you can live your life more freely, more fully, and more authentically within your current stage of growth.

Core Values

Integral Life is more than just a company: it represents a community of practice. This distinction holds profound importance for us. Here’s why:

First, we recognize that people are always and everywhere values-driven: we are motivated by what we hold dear, by the lives we want to lead, and by the people we want to be, and be with.

Second, all organizations are driven by values. Many organizations, however, don’t recognize it and so their values go unrecognized, unarticulated and become internally contradictory.

Third, because it is our essential mission to help people evolve, and to do so in an integral context that tries to bridge the divide between a fractured world of warring ideologies and an integral world whose intrinsic wholeness is always-already available to us, it is our belief that values- alignment among our shareholders, donors, team members, customers and partners is a simple and clear requirement for any integral organization.

Finally, our Core Values represent more than just what we say we value. They represent at a deep level how we agree to behave. Our organization practices these values. To this end our relationship with our stakeholders is simply stated and obvious: we invite you to join our community of practice.


At our core our mission is to help people evolve by delivering life-changing integral experiences. We have a passion for offering people extraordinary experiences that turbo-charge their consciousness and personal capacities, open their minds, inspire their hearts and sharpen their effectiveness in the world. By seeking out exceptional people, practices, insight and artifacts at the leading-edge of human evolution and combining them with Integral Philosophy we deliver some of the most innovative and “fully-human” growth experiences in the world.



To deliver extraordinary and life-changing services we have to execute flawlessly. While we will not always meet this value, we will always try. Our commitment to flawless execution includes humility, world-class standards, exceptional service, a passion for quality and precise attention to every detail for our team and our members. We also commit to meet people exactly where they are in their lives, at their current stage of personal development, and in the context most relevant to their life situation.


Like a race car tachometer that needs its RPMs at a certain rate to hit top speed, we spend our energy where it makes a significant impact on our mission. Moving the needle means living fully and passionately contributing to something larger than ourselves. We want to move the needle on behalf of our members by helping them evolve extraordinary lives, our stakeholders by building enduring value and on behalf of humanity itself by engaging in the highest leverage projects that alleviate suffering and where integration is a critical success factor.


Beauty is everywhere. We are committed to seeing it and bringing it out in everything we touch.


Life evolves. We will evolve with it. We have a deep appreciation for the evolutionary nature of the universe and all phenomena within it. Evolving one’s consciousness, capacities and behavior throughout life is equal parts art and science and we gain when we practice this evolution by using an Integral Operating System. Our community culture is dedicated to the lifelong learning and personal development of every member and team member and encourages everyone here to take risks and push the innovation envelope. In short: “change starts with me.”


Preaching what we practice is the core of any authentic community of practice. Said simply, our products, services, culture and even financial results are merely outcomes of how we as a company practice. We are not in the business of telling people how they should live, we are in the business of showing people how we live. We know that growth comes from offering something that provides disproportionate value to others and we believe that our values-based practice does so. And this makes organizational growth the byproduct of our culture, not its objective.


People want to feel love. And they want to give love. Every team member at Integral Life +Institute understands this and makes a commitment to practice love, to let it show, and to celebrate it as we go. This does not make our culture soft: love is often tough and always clear. But it does allow us to cultivate great relationships with each other and our members, to be authentic, direct and open with each other, to serve passionately and to find the best in others even while holding up a mirror when necessary. In short, we agree with Kahlil Gibran when he writes that “work is love made visible.”


If we don’t have fun along the way, then what is the point? The irony of working with deep existential topics like human evolution is that our capacity to see the humor in everything becomes greater. We practice fun by holding ourselves lightly, by playing constantly with novel perspectives, attitudes, and experiences, and especially by playing with our own shadows. After all some of the best humor comes from things we’re embarrassed to admit and we’d rather keep hidden, so the most fun (and freedom, too) derives from the fun we can have at our own expense. We want this attitude of having fun to make our culture playful, innovative and, frankly, just plain worthy of investment of the precious time we have in this life.