When Does the Conference Start and End?
Registration begins at 3:00PM on Friday December 29, 2017 at the Omni Interlocken Resort:

500 Interlocken Blvd
Denver (Broomfield), Colorado 80021
Phone: (303) 438-6600, Fax: (303) 438-7224

If you have bought a meal plan, dinner will be at 5:30PM

The conference begins at 7:00PM on December 29, 2017 in the main ballroom

The conference ends at 5:00PM on January 1, 2017.

Will you share my email address with anyone?

The email you enter for registration will be used to correspond with you about this event. Integral Life may also send you promotions from time to time. We will not share names and email addresses with other attendees or organizations.

Can I pay by check?

We ask that you pay by credit card, and this is the only payment type enabled on the registration system. If you don’t have a credit or debit card, we suggest that you purchase a pre-paid credit card from your bank for the amount of your tuition and meal plan and use that in the normal registration process.

If you can’t do that please contact us at: ( and we can help get you registered.

Do you have a payment plan?

Yes. You will need to pay a minimum of 25% on signing up toward your tuition price on your credit card to reserve your spot, and additional equal payments will be taken in the three months following your initial registration. If you need special consideration, please email us at: (

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellation and refunds, minus a $150 processing fee for credit card transactions can be granted up to 90 days before the start of the event. Between 30-90 days from the start of the event, no refunds for cancellation will be granted. However, we will transfer your registration fee to a future Integral Life event or product. No refunds will be extended on cancellations within 30 days of the event.


Does the tuition investment include travel, lodging or meals?

No. Travel, lodging and meals are separate costs.

Omni Interlocken Resort Address

500 Interlocken Blvd
Denver (Broomfield), Colorado 80021
Phone: (303) 438-6600, Fax: (303) 438-7224

What are the prices for lodging and meals at The Omni Interlocken Resort?

The WHAT NOW Conference has been given a special pricing for food and lodging at the Omni Interlocken Resort. Food and Lodging are priced separately and are as follows:

Special Room Rates: $89 Plus Tax, Per Night /Per Room (Reasonable room sharing is allowed for affordability.) This special room rate will also be offered 3- days prior and 3-days after the event, should you wish to arrive early, or extend your stay.There is a link on the event page that will take you to the OMNI Hotel to book your room reservations.

Can I also stay at The Omni Interlocken Resort before and after the event?

Yes. There is a space to add this request on the lodging registration form as long is there is availability. *Note: The special room rate will continue to be offered to our participants at $89 Plus Tax, Per Night / Per Room with room sharing, for 3-days prior to the event and 3-days after the event.

Special OMNI Meal Package: $280, Per Person for 3 ½ days includes Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Breaks during the conference. The Omni Interlocken’s food is very highly rated and their executive Chef is better than many of the top restaurants in town.The food is exquisitely prepared, whenever possible from local sources, sustainably raised, and organic when available. Meals are an integral part of the experience of the event, so we do recommend that everyone arrange to eat and attend meals together at The Omni Interlocken Resort.

Will there be special meal options like vegetarian?

Yes. The Omni Interlocken meal plan will offer delicious vegetarian options at every meal. The Omni Interlocken will also make an effort to offer vegan and gluten free alternatives during meals whenever possible, but if a strictly vegan or gluten free dietary preferences are a concern for you, we suggest you bring or arrange for your own food.

How do I register for lodging at The Omni Interlocken Resort?

Please use the link to the Omni Interlocken Resort’s registration page created for WHAT NOW Conference on the event page to book your room reservations directly with the hotel.

Driving Instructions to the Omni Interlocken Resort for the Denver International Airport:

Exit Airport via Pena Blvd. Take Pena Blvd to Exit # 6B to Fort Collins/E-470 Tollway.

E-470 eventually becomes the Northwest Parkway.

You will travel 32 miles along E-470 and there are 3 tollbooth stops along the way ($2.50-$3.10 each for a total charge of $8.10).

Northwest Parkway ends and becomes Interlocken Loop, which will cross over US 36.

Follow this to the next light and turn left onto Interlocken Blvd.

The hotel is located up the hill on the left hand side, approximately 2 city blocks.

Can I purchase the Omni Interlocken Resort meal plan and not stay at the Omni Interlocken Resort?

Yes, you may purchase the Omni Interlocken Resort meal plan only when you register for the event. The cost of the meal plan will be added to your event registration fee.

I live close to Omni Interlocken Resort, can I commute from my home to the event?

Yes, you may commute, but there is a lot planned that will go into the evenings, so we always encourage everyone who can to try and stay at the hotel, to ensure you have the best experience possible. We feel the special rates at this hotel are well-worth the peaceful rest and connectivity you will gain from being with the group!

Can I bring my own food to the Omni Interlocken Resort if I have booked a room for the event or go out to eat at meal times?

Yes as long as you don’t bring your meals into the lobby or public areas to eat. Every room has a small refrigerator, but they are not kept at a temperature cold enough to safely preserve food for long periods. However, unless you register for the OMNI meal plan you will not be able to attend meals with the other participants who have registered for meals.

If you have a car, there are other restaurant options 5-10 minutes away, so you might take this into consideration that any commute from the hotel to a restaurant and back may cost you too much time. There is a limited amount of time in the schedule to leave the hotel and eat meals offsite, so again, we do recommend that you purchase the meal plan through the Omni Interlocken Resort.

How do I apply for a scholarship to attend?

The scholarship deadline is October 1, 2017, and we will distribute awards shortly thereafter so recipients have plenty of time to plan and make travel arrangements. Please submit an application (see below for guidelines). We will continue to accept applications beyond October 1, 2017, and will review and distribute awards as they are available after the initial gifting.

Please write a letter no more than two pages in length describing who you are, why you would like to attend this event at this time in your life, where you are traveling from, why you need the financial assistance, and finally your interest in the What NOW Conference and send it to ( with the subject line: Scholarship Request. It is best to get your application in to the committee as soon as possible, and we will make every effort to respond to all requests as received in a timely fashion. Please do not register for the event before you receive a scholarship award notification.

Do scholarships include travel and lodging?

Typically, scholarships are for tuition only.

Are there volunteer opportunities available?

There are volunteer positions available. Volunteers will have their tuition waived, but will be required to pay all other expenses to attend, and should stay on site at the Omni Interlocken Resort. We require that applicants have event experience, and will be looking particularly for those with audio/visual experience. If you are interested, please send a letter no more than two pages in length describing who you are, your experience running events and/or audio/visual equipment, why you would like to volunteer at this event, and any other fun facts and send it to ( with the subject line: Volunteer Position.

What is the format of the event?

There will be keynote speakers, experiential learning, large plenary sessions, morning and afternoon practice groups led by teachers in breakouts and small groups. As the program continues to develop, please check back on the web site for more information.

Can I bring my children and family to the event?

Children and families are welcome at the event. We kindly ask that children under 18 years of age do not attend the smaller practice sessions that are not specifically designed for families. We also ask that minors under 21 be accompanied by adults at all times, especially since there is a pool and jacuzzi area. The Omni Interlocken Resort also requires that minors under 21 be accompanied by adults at all times.

Spouses and family members not attending the event may stay at the venue with participants, and will need to register for lodging through the Omni Interlocken Resort.


The Omni Interlocken Resort offers a list of independent childcare providers that they understand provide childcare in the area near the resort. Although the Omni Interlocken Resort has compiled this list, it is NOT intended to be a list of childcare providers endorsed by the Resort. Accordingly, the Omni Interlocken makes no representations concerning the qualifications of the childcare provider or whether or not the provider is licensed, bonded or insured.

For your convenience, the Omni Interlocken Resort Concierge would be happy to check on availability of one of these sitters for you. Please contact the Omni Interlocken Concierge at 303-438-6600 – extension 3605.

Can I come late to the event, leave early, or skip sessions?

It is important for the full experience of the event and the experience of others that you attend the entire event. It’s also important to clear your calendar of any commitments before, during, and after the hours of the event. Besides you might miss something terrific and regret it later.


Contact us here:

Our policy is to respond to all requests within two business days.

We look forward to seeing you at our first What NOW Conference in Colorado!