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David Frank

David Frank

David Frank is a self-taught artist who draws his inspiration from a number of ancient and esoteric spiritual traditions. He started painting at age 12 along side his identical twin brother. He developed his style and technique through decades of visual dialogue with his brother.

In his early thirties David was called to Peru where he was initiated into the sacred medicine teachings of the Chavin Mesa. From this point forward he approached his work with the intention of honoring the Chavin teachings. In his work he strives to create an energized symbolic language that reflects the healing power of creative expression.

David views making art as his primary spiritual practice. He continues to work alongside his brother Daniel. Together they create sacred objects and spaces and explore the divine mystery of being.


Visual Medicine

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I am struck by the energy of things… the pulse in the seed that signals germination, the whisper of spirit that guides leaves toward sunlight, the dynamic forces that twist wind into tornados, blast volcanic mountain tops skyward, devour stars and birth galaxies. It is from here that I begin to paint. It is by this energy that painting flows through me toward the creation of a charged, symbolic iconography. Visual Medicine.