Diana Calvario

Diana Calvario

I was born in 1969, lived the first four years in Germany, then 8 years in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), 1 1/2 years in Portugal and almost since then in Luxembourg (with in between some years in Frankfurt and Lisbon again). My first passion is my family of course :-) My kids, my husband and my parents are the most important part of my life. Without them I wouldn’t be what I am today. It was mostly by fighting for their well being and happiness that I managed to make a lot out of my own life. Married for the second time since 2006 we are a family of 6 now counting my husband and me, the boys Jérôme, Philippe, Christophe and our little girl Julie. As a webmaster, my environment basically invited and inspired me to use digital art as a way of expressing my thoughts, feelings and messages I wished to spread. My main works are photo manipulations sometimes with a surreal touch inviting the viewers to meditate on a variety of spiritual questions. To my friends, my art is said to be imaginative, creative, speculative and real, having a strong connection to nature and to the integral philosophy.

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Diana Calvario’s art weaves stunning imagery of nature, culture, divine beings, dream states, macro and micro scales of order, into remarkable evocations of creative emergence. Within the Kosmic flows of nested holarchies, what might be the interactive, energetic, and meaningful interplays of these various elements? Calvario’s art shows us the ever emergent circuits of this dance, and does so with profound invention, beauty and grace. Hers is an art that has the unique power to rewire and enhance one’s integral soul—a great achievement and singular aesthetic gift.