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ELLIOT BENJAMIN, Ph.D., is a professional mathematician and mathematics professor with an avid interest in psychology, philosophy, and classical piano. He has a number of published papers in pure mathematics and has self-published books on recreational number theory, spirituality and cults, and art and mental illness. He lives in rural Maine, and his association with Integral Institute began in November 2003, when he met with Ken Wilber to discuss his interest in developing Integral Mathematics. He is also interested in applying his writings in the area of spirituality and cults to Integral Spirituality.

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Integral Mathematics: An AQAL Approach

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This article lays the foundations for a comprehensive formulation of Integral Mathematics. I introduce a number of definitions for an Integral Mathematics, including the perspective of Integral Mathematics in the context of a distinct discipline, Ken Wilber’s symbolic Integral Mathematics of primordial perspectives, and Integral Mathematics as a developmental line. I then focus on the perspective of Integral Mathematics as a distinct discipline and show that the “division” between the worlds of pure and applied mathematics is parallel to the distinction between the Left- and Right-Hand quadrants. I give a four-quadrant analysis for Integral Mathematics as a distinct discipline by applying the quadrants to Perfect Numbers from Recreational Number Theory. Finally, I give an example from Group Theory that illustrates how Integral Mathematics may be applied to explore shifts in levels of consciousness through meditation.