Emily Baratta

Emily Baratta is a graduate student in John F. Kennedy University’s Integral Psychology program. Her experiences as a Peace Corps volunteer, foster home counselor, and facilitator have led to her interest in embodied ethics. As an aspiring integralist and a recently returned Catholic, Emily works not only to hold paradox conceptually, but to reconcile divergent perspectives in the world.

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What Feels Right: An Embodied Perspective on the Ethical Line of Development

This article examines ethical frameworks across levels of human development and via the quadrants of the AQAL model. The ethical line is examined as it progresses through stages of development, paying special attention to the role of the felt sense in the determination of right action. The role of unconscious forces, particularly the felt sense of disgust, is examined as the basis of moral intuition. Integral Ethics includes the ethical framework of the previous stages and an examination of personal motivation for right action. By inquiring into the unconscious drives that move us, we may begin to recognize the cultural prejudices and excessive survival drives that can influence our determination of right action.