Forest Jackson

Forest Jackson is an MA candidate in the Integral Psychology program at JFK University in the Bay Area. He received his Bachelor’s degree from Union Institute and University in Psychology and Consciousness Studies, with a focus on an Integral perspective of the quest for meaning and purpose.

He dearly loves giving energy and attention to a beautiful marriage with his wife Bari; practicing a daily Witness meditation; consistently hiking, weight lifting, and biking; listening to and singing classical North Indian music; researching the oil/energy crisis; studying philosophy, psychology, transformative practices, and spiritual texts of the great wisdom traditions; sailing and skiing (not at the same time); and helping to bring the Integral vision into this fractured world for the benefit of all beings.

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Principles of Integral Life Practice

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This article presents the state-of-the-art design elements of Integral Life Practice, which is a method of supporting personal or professional growth into greater levels of success and actualization. Integral Life Practice is guided by Integral Theory, the fundamental elements of which are briefly reviewed before the author postulates six tenets of Integral Life Practice. The flexible, modular design of Integral Life Practice is described in detail, and suggestions are given for creating integrally informed basic and advanced practices that will have a high degree of transformative efficacy.