Frank Marrero

Frank Marrero

FRANK MARRERO is a public school teacher in the San Francisco Bay Area. A veteran of inner-city trenches as well as ashram schools, Frank has been developing curricula to nurture affective strengths for a quarter century. He holds a Masters in the Arts of Teaching and also teaches in the Department of Religion and Philosophy at John F. Kennedy University. Frank and his wife Julia are the proud parents of two bright children, Salem and Ella.

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An Integral Approach to Affective Education

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The author uses twelve AQAL dimensions of education as described by Sean Esbjörn-Hargens to approximate a “report card” for evaluating any curriculum with an affective focus. This completeness is not just an academic exercise but shows the practicality and advantage of an Integral approach in the real world. Four affective educational models will also be examined using Integral perspectives. The features of these programs will be measured using an example of an Integral assessment of their strengths, foci, and weaknesses.