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GREGORY WILPERT is a German-American sociologist, who grew up in Germany and spent most of his adult life in the U.S. and most recently in Venezuela. He studied sociology at University of California San Diego (B.A. in 1988) and at Brandeis University (Ph.D. in 1993). His dissertation dealt with unemployment and political consciousness in East Germany following German unification. He lived in Caracas, Venezuela, where he had a Fulbright grant to teach and conduct research (2000- 2001) on an Integral-critical theory of social development. He is in the process of writing a book entitled, The Developing Globe, which is a product of his research. In his spare time he practices Zen meditation and Aikido.

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Toward an Integral Analysis of the Iraq Crisis


This article analyzes pro- and anti-war arguments and situates each within an all-quadrant, all-level perspective. I evaluate each perspective according to its probable sincerity, given that some arguments covered deeper, unarticulated interests. This analysis considers the intended and unintended consequences of warring or abstaining on various scales: global, regional, and national. Finally, I argue that an Integral perspective can recommend actions in an ideal scenario and a real world scenario.


Integral Politics: A Spiritual Third Way

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In this time of ideological upheaval, when the old ideologies of left and right, of socialism, liberalism, and conservatism, no longer capture the political imagination as they once did, new political visions are required. Some have tried to formulate a “third way” between social democracy and conservatism. Others have proposed a more spiritually-oriented approach to transcend left and right. In what follows, Gregory Wilpert presents another vision — Integral Politics, based on Integral Theory.