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JEFF COHEN is a Doctoral Candidate in the Department of Criminology at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Jeff is also an Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice at Worcester State College. He is currently completing his dissertation research, which includes an application of the Integral model to the measurement and conceptualization of gender within several social science disciplines. Some of his recent research is published in the Journal of Men’s Studies and Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice.

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Coding Gender: Using IMP to Construct a Content Analysis of Gender Definitions in Scientific Research

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The pervasive influence and conceptual complexity of gender as a scientific construct has lead to attempts to explain it from multiple perspectives. When each of these perspectives is offered, it tends to be presented as a complete explanation. Each perspective, however, likely offers only a partial truth concerning the enactment of gender. The recognition of the partiality of these perspectives indicates that each should be considered in some form when trying to address the full complexity of gender. It also makes clear that none should be privileged above any other. Through the application of the Integral model and Integral Methodological Pluralism (IMP), this article develops a broader and deeper conceptual and operational model for the study of gender than those that have been typically applied.