John Montgomery

John Montgomery

John Montgomery is a corporate attorney, entrepreneur, management consultant and writer. He is the founder of Montgomery & Hansen, LLP, a Silicon Valley based corporate law firm. He is also the founder of Startworks, a technology incubator. He works primarily with leaders to help them realize the full majesty of their leadership potential.

John recently received a California Lawyer of the Year award from California Lawyer magazine and a B Labs MVP award for his work as a co-chair of the legal working group behind California’s new benefit corporation law. He is a frequent keynote speaker on the emerging sustainable economic system, benefit corporations and the consciousness and neuroscience of leadership. Prior to founding Montgomery & Hansen in 2003, John was co-chairman of the venture capital practice at Brobeck, Phleger & Harrison, LLP.

John is a student of non-dual philosophical systems, the neuroscience of leadership, the science of consciousness, developmental theory and organizational development. In 2010, he co-founded Chrysallis, a human development company that aims to change the human development paradigm and support healthy, full, productive lives for billions of people.

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The Rise of the Benefit Corporation: Bringing More Sanity, Sustainability, and Success to Big Business


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In a world where corporations often act like psychopaths and seem steered by barely more than greed and avarice, is it possible to transcend their sociopathic pursuit of profit and bring more care and consciousness to our economic system? Listen as corporate lawyer and conscious business leader John Montgomery explains how we arrived at the corporate oligarchy in which we now find ourselves, and how we might be able to steer ourselves toward a more sane and sustainable future.