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Kelli Bickman

Kelli Bickman

Kelli Bickman grew up on a farm in Minnesota, studied art in Wisconsin and London and moved to NYC in 1995. After 14 years in the Big Apple, she moved to the Hudson Valley where she now lives with her daughter Isabella Grace. Bickman’s work has been seen in many magazines and many galleries in the US and Europe. She has received several grants for public art projects including the ‘Art in Public Places’ grant in Jacksonville, FL as well as two ArtsWestchester grants for her work with the Youth Mural Arts program in the Hudson Valley. As multi-media artist and world traveler, Bickman has had the privledge of studying with many spiritual masters in this lifetime. The teachings of these masters is the foundation for many of the paintings you see here at the Integral Life art gallery. Anything else you want to know about her can be found in her paintings. Photo credit: ©mimikophotography.com

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