Kevin Bowman

Kevin Bowman

Kevin J. Bowman teaches economics at the college level and has been teaching for over a decade at schools such as Augsburg College and Loyola University Chicago. He has developed a metatheoretical approach with interactive technologies for teaching standard and progressive economic theory and evidence. He served on the editorial advisory board of the Journal of Integral Theory and Practice. He's mostly taught undergraduate macroeconomics, microeconomics, international economics, and economic development with integral economics components. His publications are in three categories: endogenous economic growth, integral economics, and integral theory. Kevin has worked as an economist providing consulting services to firms involved in international trade disputes. He has also worked in consumer finance and as an community development planner.

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Integral Political Economy

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An integral political-economic framework is developed first with a quadrant analysis of the economy. The analysis contains a novel separation by quadrant of the effects that either encourage or discourage economic development. It is then shown what quadrant aspects are recognized or emphasized by liberals and conservatives. A review of the Integral approach to capital then allows for the integration of the radical view. Political-economic understanding is then proposed as a learning line of development where conservative, liberal, or radical emphasis in agents is associated with their political-economic personality types. Distinctions are made between less and more mature versions of each type. Finally, an immature/mature fallacy is discovered where more mature views are often mistakenly reduced to less mature versions of that type by less mature views of another type.