Louis Parsons

Louis Parsons

Louis Parsons is a "SoulScaper". A SoulScape communicates the emotional heart of who you really are. For a moment, immerse yourself in all those things you feel passionate about. Your partner, your greatest achievements, the birth of your child or that moment when you overcame adversity. The unforgettable things that words cannot convey. What if you had a work of art that captured the soul of these moments?

Every SoulScape is a unique work of art that radiates the profound journey artist and subject has taken together. The result is something deeply personal and inspirational – a unique symphony of light in Oil On Canvas that reflects the most essential part of you.

A SoulScape will do for you what a Van Gogh, Picasso, or a Turner never can… Why? Because a SoulScape is nothing more or less than the Inspired You in Oil On Canvas.

Recently made Artist in Residence for The Four Seasons Kuda Huraa, Louis is on a quest to enable art to express the power and freedom that lives in all of us. He is developing a school of ‘spiritual portraiture’ – by utilising the SoulScape Process as a way to capture the emotional side of a person rather than the physical. His work is part of Relational Art, a concept that came out of Young British Art movement, led by Damien Hurst and Tracey Emin. It’s characterised by a desire to express a sense of emotional and spiritual freedom, something dear to great artists like Mark Rothko, Sam Francis and Patrick Heron.

For over 16 years, Louis has devoted himself to an understanding of the human spirit. This quest began with a profound Christian experience which now leads to him having a practise of Centering Prayer. His extensive world travels opened him to many spiritual paths, and culminated in a creative practise that he calls "Soul Inspiration." This is reflected, not just in his art, but also in his writings, his talks and the“Art Of SoulScaping” workshops he has run for organisations such as Mars, Ebay, Microsoft, RBS and The Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts.

He has become skilled at showing high level business executives how to unleash the creative energy that lives within them and their company.

His natural gifts as a communicator are enhanced by his qualification as a professional Insights Coach. A skill that allows him to put his clients at ease so that he can capture the essence of what is most precious to them.

When not painting or working with clients, Louis loves to scuba dive and surf – to lose himself and seek inspiration from all the colour and vibrancy under the waves. Louis lives in Cheltenham at the foot of the Cotswold Hills with his beautiful partner, Clare and their three children, Phoebe, Louie and Charlie.

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“Lets try an experiment. Feel into who You really are for a moment. Relax into You. Imagine we are holding a conversation and you are telling me all about You. You may start telling me about what you love, when you feel alive, or some of the rich life experiences you have had. You may end up telling me some of your story. As you speak, I am using every sensory faculty I can muster to feel into the fullness and freedom of who You really are. Im listening beyond the words you say. I’m stretching out to feel You. I’m also listening to God. Then, I feel you inside me as a cascade of colour and form: I sense the unique symphony of light and the quality of energy that is you and You alone.”