Ryan Nakade

Ryan Nakade

Ryan works with governments, non-profits, and civic leaders to bridge divides and make communities more resilient to conflict. He received his training in mediation and facilitation from East County Resolutions in Gresham, OR, and currently works as a facilitator for Department of Human Services family decision cases. He is Board Vice President of the Oregon Mediation Association and also on the Beaverton Center for Mediation and Dialogue advisory committee.

Ryan works on the CURE-PDX project, which seeks to counter violent extremism in the Pacific Northwest. He is a regular facilitator for Civic Synergy, which brings college students of diverging political orientations together to formulate bipartisan policy solutions that are proposed to members of congress. In his free time, Ryan enjoys studying politics, philosophy, and complex systems, and is attempting to formulate a new style of politics that transcends polarization and entrenched partisanship (called Meta-Ideological Politics). He lives in Toledo, WA with his wife and nine goats.

Website: https://www.ruminantresolutions.com/about-ryan

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Meta-Ideological Politics: Bridging the Gaps Between Us


Ryan’s presentation delves into the complex nature of ideology and its profound impact on our perceptions, interactions, and behaviors. He underscores the human brain’s inherent tendency to seek patterns, elucidating how ideologies aid us in deciphering the world but can also misguide us. Ryan describes the three definitions of “meta” he uses to elucidate the concept of meta-ideological politics: “meta” as transcending, “meta” as between, and “meta” as self-aware or self-referential.