Santiago Jiménez

Santiago Jiménez

Santiago is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and music producer. He is also a Zen Monk in the lineage of Zen Master Genpo Roshi, a certified coach in the Stages model, and a Big Mind Big Heart and Integral Relationships facilitator.

As a musician he has toured around Europe, Asia and the Americas, playing with bands that range from classical, jazz and blues, to rock, latin and south American folk music. He has also participated as producer and musician in records that have been nominated for the Latin Grammy awards and had gotten the highest reviews by Rolling Stone magazine.

Parallel to his music career, Santiago is also one of the founding members and current director of the Integral Center Colombia, where along with other integral practitioners is working to bring Integral Consciousness to the Latin and Hispanic culture.

One of his main projects now is integrating his two fundamental passions, music and consciousness development, the first manifestation of this being the Journey of Sound through the Stages.

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