Josh Leonard

Josh Leonard

Josh Leonard is a seasoned social impact organizational leader with more than two decades of real-world experience developing strategy, culture, programs, and leaders through an integral lens.

He brings 10+ years of executive leadership with the YMCA and the Institute for Cultural Evolution to bear on the emerging challenges organizations face today in grappling with the complexity of the 21st century. He has designed, led, and evaluated programs; nurtured thriving offline and online communities; led large, diverse staff teams; managed complex eight-figure budgets; created powerful leadership development programs; led strategic planning initiatives; and developed high-performing boards.

Josh is a developmental leader who is adept at facilitating growth in individuals, teams, and organizations to achieve their goals for impact.


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IAM: Organizing Big Pictures For The Transformation Age


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Josh Leonard and Robb Smith discuss the founding and evolution of the Institute of Applied Metatheory (IAM). They explore the urgent need for an organization that networks and supports scholar-practitioners in applying integrative metatheory to complex 21st-century challenges. The conversation reflects on the integral movement’s stages and challenges, societal shifts necessitating IAM’s emergence, and the four foundational hypotheses underpinning its work.