Simon Senzon

Simon Senzon

Dr. Simon Senzon is a chiropractor, philosopher, writer, artist, teacher, musician, father, and husband (to list a few of the many hats that he loves to wear). He lectures around the world on topics of wellness, philosophy, subtle energies, transformation, integral theory, and chiropractic. In the near future he will be offering online courses on several of these topics. Simon is in private practice with his wife, Susan, in Asheville, North Carolina.

Dr. Senzon specializes in Network Care, a synthesis of gentle chiropractic, somatic awareness, and wellness coaching. He combines these with his expertise in subtle energy systems and integral theory to offer a comprehensive approach to body/mind/spirit transformation.

In addition to his wellness practice, Simon has been teaching and writing about the philosophy of health, wellness, and personal transformation for more than 15 years. His books and articles are read worldwide.

Dr. Senzon is the Director of Network Family Chiropractic Wellness Lifestyles Center.

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Subtle Energies Viewed from Four Quadrants

This article explores the discipline of subtle energies by using the four quadrants of Integral Theory as a central framework. It offers a way to integrate the disparate views of subtle energies from the traditional descriptions of mystics, saints, yogis, and healers with the leading edge research in the life and health sciences in regards to the subtle energies within and around the living system.