Vesa Kivinen

Vesa Kivinen

Vesa Kivinen, born 1978, started his career as a filmmaker and a photographer in 1999. He got educated as a director in the UK and has been working with both disciplines internationally since through his own company. In 2008 he developed a form of mixed media art called Artevo (Art Evolving) which involves body-painting, traditional painting, photography and image manipulation. Vesa is also an educated hypnotherapist. The Artevo process also involves a potentially cathartic process for the model through NLP practices, which blended with philosophy absorbed from inspirational thinkers to then become the final pieces of art.

"Witness history as though it were being lived today; and imagine the present through the eyes of tomorrow." – Rory Winston, Cultural section editor for The Resident on Artevo

His recent collaboration with a Bollywood actress got cross cultural attention including The Independent, BBC World, Times of India, Pakistan Tribune, Helsingin Sanomat etc.

He lives and works in Helsinki, Finland, loves to play music and immerse himself in all things inspirational from philosophy to spending time in nature. He also can’t seem to be able to shake a dream of moving to California, which might be in the cards a bit later on.

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