Emerge: How to Thrive in a World Gone Mad

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Emerge is a new training program by Ryan Oelke, offering a thoughtful 3-phase process that will empower you to fully inhabit your experience, more deeply relate in real-time to life, and to formulate agile paths of response and action.
An integral method of insight and transformation

H ey everyone, my name is Ryan Oelke, and I'm excited to introduce you to my new training program, Emerge: How to Thrive in a World Gone Mad.

At this exact time on this planet, two truths seem to be universal:

One, the world feels absolutely maddening and terrifying to most of us. We’re overwhelmed with fear and complexity, treading water, desperately trying to figure out how to respond. We also see so much potential and hope and ask ourselves, “How can we enact change?”

Two, as the end of the year approaches, we feel called to take a step back from life, to reflect and gain perspective on what has happened in our personal lives. We seek insight about ourselves and life, and to set our sights on meaningful goals to bring about heartfelt, passionate change and fruition in the new year.

Unfortunately, it’s also often true that reactive pursuit of change - and especially through the typical New Year’s resolutions - fails time and time again. Our efforts start out with a bang and fizzle out like a deflating balloon. Our manic efforts for change ends in frustration and dejection.

Now more than ever in our lifetime, we need a better method than that.

As lovers of an integral approach, we strongly sense and long for that better way. What we need is a solid integral method that can help identify and leverage our unique values in order to reveal insight and catalyze transformation.

That’s what this program offers you.

The Emerge Method has 3 Core Phases:

All phases are rooted in and arise from your embodied presence and living experience. Each phase below has accompanying exercises, meditations, commentary, and videos. To start here is an description of the essence of each phase:

Phase 1: Inhabit the Past

Honor, integrate, and learn from what you’ve experienced.

  • Validation, appreciation, integration, space for what you have experienced.
  • Intimacy with yourself and life - to review, reclaim, integrate your past experiences
  • Reveal and identify change and transformation you have lived into, patterns and habits of experience, and emergent themes in your life
  • Curiosity to clarify what you have experienced
  • Room for everything: all areas of your life
  • Embodying your past informs and orients you in the present, guides your path in the future
  • Inquiry: What has happened? What insight can I reveal?
Phase 2: Align with the present

Clarify and prioritize what is most important to you right now.

  • What is actually most important to you right now in your life?
  • Your unique life, just as it is right now, with its history leading up to this moment: what is arising right now for you as meaningful and significant?
  • Clarify your most important life domains and values in this moment.
  • What has the most meaning, the most relevancy, to guide you now and in the upcoming year?
  • What shoulds can you shed? What ideals can you let go of to give your energy and attention to what you care about most?
Phase 3: Emerge into the future

Identify what wants to emerge in your life. Take action.

  • Let the future unfold from your embodied being, as a response to life, informed by the past, rooted in each moment.
  • What is calling your attention right now? What has you curious?
  • How do you want to express your emergent themes and guiding values in your life?
  • What wants to emerge? What are your next steps?
  • How do you want to respond to what is emerging and has emerged in your life?
  • Define practical, agile goals to realize and express your meaning and values in the world. Remember: goals are expressions and realizations of what matters to you most, and life is always changing.
  • Take an experimental, embodied approach as you move tangibly towards your goals, allow for dynamic response as you and life change and evolve.

While New Year’s resolutions often lead to disappointment, this time of the year is still an incredibly ripe and potent time for reflection and to set our course anew.

The spirit of the holidays brings us in touch with what matters most, winter whispers of death and rebirth, and the new year passionately ushers us toward all of what could be, of what wants to emerge in your life.

With this embodied, integral approach to Emerge, you will both be more passionately inspired from the core of your being and you will more successfully see the change, experiences, and results you and we long for and need in this moment and in the future.

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Meet your guide, Ryan Oelke

I’m a co-founder of Buddhist Geeks, meditation teacher at Awakening in Life, co-host of Inhabit here on Integral Life, and I'm the founder and CEO of PowerUp Productions, a mindfulness based creative agency.

I have an MSEd in counseling psychology and I’m a certified teacher in Judith Blackstone’s Realization Process, a direct path to embodied nondual awakening. I have 18+ years experience in meditation practice and study, particularly in Tibetan Buddhism. I work with students and clients all over the world, virtually and in-person, in private sessions, and in groups and retreats.

I live in the beautiful mountains of Asheville, North Carolina.

What's waiting for you?
Live life with nothing left out.
Program Lessons
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What You'll Receive
  • Lifetime access to 30 lessons from Ryan Oelke
  • More than 4 hours of streaming video/audio teachings and practices
  • Exclusive discount to personal and group coaching with Ryan
  • Built-in journaling app for notes and personal reflections
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Praise for Ryan Oelke

Ryan created space for all of my expressions and feelings about the challenges I was working through, and helped me to identify the critical aspects which needed attention, important inquiries that were wanting to unfold, all the while helping to guide my own intuitive awareness to survey the inner landscape of my being in relation to the various decisions, actions, and strategies that I was cultivating.

I look forward to working with Ryan again in the future, and I recommend him with the highest regards to other emerging and accomplished individuals looking for a grounded, mindful, and super-sharp business coach/advisor to help them through a transformative or transitional process.”

- Tylor Middlestadt, President and CEO
Inflection Point Design + Development Group


Ryan is a master of his craft, and engages his clients with wisdom, skill, empathy, and compassion. I can't recommend his coaching programs enough."

- Corey deVos, Editor in Chief, Integral Life


"Ryan’s a rare paradox. On the other hand, he’s an ultra-practical, no-bullshit entrepreneur whose decade+ of experience running his own agency and guiding hundreds of other entrepreneurs makes him savvier than most anyone I know.

On the one hand, he’s an immensely sensitive embodiment teacher and deep spiritual practitioner. This unique combination allows him to give some of the smartest and most open-hearted advice out there.

But he’s not just doling out advice, here: he’s teaching you to deepen both of these sides within yourself — and integrate and embody them, for you — so you can find your own answers.

I’m continually impressed by Ryan’s sensitivity and skill — I especially appreciate his emphasis on embodiment, which is a missing element in many “spiritual” practices."

- Angela Raines, Enneagram Practitioner, Writer


“Ryan doesn’t coach people from some sort of pre-conceived model, that he then tries to apply to you and your business. He doesn’t ask you to fit a mold. Rather he pulls wisdom born from years of experience actually being in the trenches as an entrepreneur helping other entrepreneurs. Ryan asks penetrating questions. And he listens. As a result he groks the big picture. This makes what he has to say uniquely valuable. It also makes it strategically aligned and mission aligned with what you’re already trying to do. Ryan acts as a catalyst for the process you’re already in, not as your business savior. That’s why he’s trustworthy.”

- Vincent Horn, Teacher
Buddhist Geeks, Pragmatic Dharma, Heart of Insight

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