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From the Artist:

What I learn and feel, and what I artistically express all reflect an underlying spiritual quest. My work is concerned with the mysteries of life and the perennial questions that arise from such a pursuit. Art is a spiritual practice that casts aside the fallacies of dogma and tenet, expresses Goodness, Beauty and Truth and is never satisfied with anything substitute or counterfeit.

I would describe myself as an “creatuitive artist’, that is, I combine creativity and intuition in my search for spiritual revelation. Such an art marries Psyche and Techne in order to tap into universal form and a sacred language. Painting acts as a mirror reflecting the signs and symbols of Spirit. Spirit directs artistic practice in transcending our limited and frozen identities toward a more expansive experience of our self and infinite nature. This visual language serves the creative worker and respondents alike, on the spiritual journey. The mind becomes a microcosmic reflection of macrocosmic principles in the universal process of grand creation. The universe is constantly creating, sustaining and destroying forms. Stars are born, give light and warmth, nova and die. So it is with the MInd, constantly creating, maintaining and destroying thought-forms; mirroring the creative process of the Universe.

I have always been fascinated with the infinite ways that light can play out in a painting. For many years now, the focus of my painting has involved ‘Light’ in its myriad manifestations as matter. I do this in numerous forms and ways. One of these ways has been in exploring and expressing the essence of gems and minerals. They hold a fascination for me as forms of ‘solid light’. I had a transcendent experience of seeing and feeling the life-essence behind this crystalline kingdom in a semi-trance like state It was so fantastic and I have only just begun to paint the ‘grossest’ form of it as I slowly move toward expressing the essence of this ‘subtle’ experience.

I also find it challenging, technically, to paint such imagery. By contemplating on a mass of indefinite Light one can get only an intangible something, a slight form of the formless and auspicious body of the Divine. One of the infinitude of ways is in seeing that Light is being marshaled in a pattern of radiant rays. Such energetic patterns composing the spirit of matter eventually weave their way from the intangible to the tangible canvas; the thought clothe of an art of the soul. The Light consolidates, condensing out of the Whole, creating a microcosm of infinitely smaller wholes. In this way art can also be understood as aesthetic holons. Ordinary vision is nothing more than the physical encounter of the eye with the illusion of matter that strikes it. To live and dwell only in the state of ordinary vision is like walking around with snow on our heads, our imaginations frozen, our intuition and soul on ice. To the integral artist that has awakened to the Reality of the Spiritual Imagination behind the Illusion of Matter, the Invisible behind the Visible; life is not only arranged in the Basin of Space – but is married to Light and Love, the Daughter of the Eternal, the Son of the Infinite.

Philip Rubinov Jacobson

About Philip Rubinov Jacobson

Philip Rubinov Jacobson is an artist, writer, teacher, philosopher and traveler. An international and central figure in both the Fantastic and Visionary genres of art, he holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in Painting, Printmaking and Sculpture, with studies in Psychology, Philosophy and Comparative Religion. His paintings have been exhibited internationally in more than 90 exhibitions and his writings have been read worldwide. He is the author of Drinking Lightning: Art, Creativity and Transformation and the forthcoming Eyes of the Soul: Exploring Inspiration in Art, both with forewords by Ken Wilber.