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Circle of Mutuality Group: Integral “We-Space” Practice for Authentic Relating

December 3 at 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm PST

Spiritual development is often seen as a solitary affair. Yet we live in community. When we practice together, we open up and focus on the space between us. We will practice a Sufi form of awakening called Sohbet, where we come together and slow down—to what integral teacher Terry Patten calls “super slow motion” — where we notice each sensation, each thought form and share our moment to moment experience with each other in succession. As we do so, a tenderness emerges and we drop into successively deeper layers of authentic relating. Our defenses relax, the moment expands. We’ll then share openly in open, unfiltered form. This is what the Greeks called “Parrhesia”, or “ragged truth-telling”. These We-Space practices help people feel into the intersubjective dimension of awakening, soften their hearts and connect authentically with others.

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Grant Hunter is a serial entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in the U.S., Japan, and Peru. Based out of Silicon Valley, he’s been involved in a variety of e-business activities for a Fortune 500 company and a boutique marketing startup he helped launch and later sell in San Francisco called INBOX Marketing, and in his role as Founder/ CEO of Microfranchise Solutions (MFS). It was through MFS that he promoted replicable enterprise solutions to poverty in the developing world in Peru and over 30 countries. Higher purpose has been the through-line of his own evolution in his role as a social entrepreneur over the last 10 years and now working with companies as a purpose and impact advisor at Syntropy, where he helps others lead lives of purpose, authenticity, and service.

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December 3
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm PST
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Practice Leader

Grant Hunter