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Full Spectrum Integral Health & Wellness

July 31, 2023 at 11:30 am - 1:00 pm PDT

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Without health, our experience & enjoyment of life is significantly impaired on ALL Levels. More than at any time in the past, we are in need of a truly integral approach to health and wellness. One that knows how to recognize and combine the most effective elements of both conventional medical and non-conventional complementary approaches.

Join this series of sessions with Ben Calder of the Centre for Integral Health, UK, to learn from his multi-disciplinary, integral approach to becoming a warrior for your health in body, mind and spirit, in self, culture and nature.

Ben has been exploring health professionally since 2003 when he first qualified as a kinesiologist. He has incorporated a multidisciplinary approach throughout his career and formally transformed it into an Integral approach in 2013 when he opened the Centre for Integral Health in Shrewsbury, UK. Ben has a deep lifetime interest in self-development, much of which has been done through meditation, Qigong and shadow work. Ben is an Integral Relationships facilitator and has also studied Integral Transpersonal Psychology a long with many forms of healing and health development. Ben has worked with every age and demographic within his 1-2-1 work over the last 20 years and continues to find it inspiring and humbling to be part of the healing journey with individuals, couples and families and has given lectures, workshops and talks to mainstream medical as well as local special interest groups and events.


JUNE 5th
Session 1: The Integral Approach to Health: My exploration of health through the Integral framework. Making the case for Integrally informed GPs to fully support health.

  • Defining what is health, what we need to consider, why are we even doing it? (service to the greater whole and ourselves) In order to fulfill the potential of who we really are, living a life that we are inspired and motivated to live.

JUNE 26th
Session 2: The Integral Approach to Health: Body part 1 – Nutrition

  • Rubbish in = Rubbish out, how to fuel your vehicle
  • What is the importance of knowing how to fuel appropriately? What constitutes a good diet? How are we getting it wrong? Diet perfection is a myth, it should always be in a state of change (on a larger scale).
  • The value and importance of Epigenetics

JULY 3rd
Session 3: The Integral Approach to Health: Body part 2 – Movement

  • Why sitting is the new smoking and how without movement we die faster
  • Looking at the 3 bodies (what is the difference) and why we benefit from exercising all of them
  • Why do we need balance between the 3 bodies?

JULY 10th
Session 4: The Integral Approach to Health: Mind

  • How can we use and misuse the mind for health? Too much mind, not enough body.
  • How the mind is used to create the reality we experience and how our health is a direct reflection of that. World view development and why expanding our field of experience is beneficial.
  • Maps may not be the territory, but they give us an idea of what is out there we haven’t explored
  • We become the thing we practice the most

JULY 24th
Session 5: The Integral Approach to Health: Spirit

  • What do we mean by spirit, a level, a line, an attitude or an ultimate concern, ultimate being or condition?
  • The 3 faces of spirit
  • The benefits of a contemplative practice
  • Spirit takes us beyond ourselves and into the service of the world

JULY 31st
Session 6: The Integral Approach to Health: Shadow

  • Our reactions to the world around us have a significant effect on our health.
  • How mind and behaviour are changed by shadow
  • Why do we loose so much energy in the shadow?
  • The importance of cleaning up the basement (and attic) of the mind.


July 31, 2023
11:30 am - 1:00 pm
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