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Event Series Event Series: Integral Saging – Opening Session

Integral Saging

July 23, 2025 at 11:00 am - 12:30 pm PDT

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Integral Saging

23 July 2025
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In his work The Republic, Plato discusses the allegory of the Cave and the idea of the philosopher-king who progresses from being the Child in a state of ignorance, to the Adult in a pursuit of knowledge, to the Sage that embodies wisdom and enlightenment. With this essence and the richness of Integral multiperspectivalism, we will co-create a loving and generative space for the intricate tapestry of our individual and collective experiences that have culminated in our present state of wisdom, and the wisdom yet to emerge.

The sooner we embrace the natural progression in our lives, the more gracefully we can welcome the richness life has bestowed upon us: from invaluable gifts to formidable challenges, from unexpected disasters to hidden treasures. The cornerstone of making this experience enriching will be your active participation in what Ken Wilber called “The Miracle of We.”

Led by Phyllis Barrie and Wheaton Griffin, we will transcend and include the objective facts and figures of the external world of knowledge, as well as the internal wisdom that is profoundly subjective to each of us. How do we learn to discern which of our voices to trust at any given instance as we navigate the uncertainty of a rapidly changing world? What is the inner process that moves with us from birth until its culmination with our final breath, and perhaps beyond? Let’s embark on a path of meaning, purpose, vitality, and connection as we boldly step into becoming the Sage we are each meant to be.

This event is hosted every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month.


Phyllis Barrie, a native New Yorker, began her lifelong meditation journey at 16. Her career as an actor and acting teacher highlighted the importance of a multi-perspectival approach in both art and life. This insight, learned through arduous development of perspectives, revealed that true inspiration arises in moments of presence. Transitioning back to education, she immersed herself in developmental language models like Piaget, Maslow, and Gardner, igniting a lasting passion for growth, language, and learning. Obtaining her BA at 40 and MA in Communication Disorders at 42, Phyllis excelled as a clinician, directing a mentorship program for graduate students in a hospital setting. Amidst personal challenges, she discovered renewal through Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory and practices, reigniting her zest for learning. Now, empowered by integral life practices, Phyllis aspires to guide others in their unique journeys towards personal growth and authenticity.

Wheaton Griffin, Ph.D., received his doctorate from United States International University, known for being one of the pioneering schools to offer a graduate degree in humanistic psychology during its inception. He directly studied under Victor Frankl and close associates of Abraham Maslow, Fritz Perls, and Carl Rogers. With a background in Gestalt, Existential, Expressive, and Relationship-based therapies, Wheaton practiced psychotherapy for years, while also assuming leadership roles in diverse fields such as special education, early child education, and organizational transformation. He has been a national consultant for developmentally appropriate practices and expanded his expertise through studies with influential figures like J. Krishnamurti, Ken Wilber, and Susanne Cook-Greuter. Wheaton’s teaching and consulting approach centers around adapting to uncertainty and evolving towards personal growth, aligning with the challenges of our changing world.


July 23, 2025
11:00 am - 12:30 pm
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