Lead With Purpose


Lead With Purpose is a new web course by Ginny Whitelaw that can help you break through and tap into the next level of your own purpose and truly embodied power.


At this moment in your life, and pivotal time in history, are you called to make an impact?

Does this sound familiar?

  • You want to make a difference, but you don’t know how to do so.
  • You want to manifest the vision that’s in your heart, but you get caught in fear, anxiety or self-doubt.
  • You want to live and lead on purpose, but you can’t seem to focus on what’s important or get others moving with you.
  • You want to pursue a big vision, but find yourself drowning in complexity and overreacting to your circumstances.
  • You want to bring your best to your family and loved ones, but they’re the ones who see your worst.

Did you raise your hand to any of the above?

Good. You’re not alone. Everyone who wants to make a difference feels those ways at times. And you are in the right spot, at the right time, with the right guide ready to support your growth.

Ginny Whitelaw can help you break through those barriers and tap into the next level of your own purpose and true, embodied power.