The Religion of Tomorrow: Upgrade Your Spiritual Practice



What would the scriptures and practices of the world’s major religions look like if they were developed today, fully integrating the major discoveries we have made in the past 2,000 years, including advances in science and psychology and human development? In this exciting new course, based on his first synoptic book in over a decade, Ken Wilber lays out the path for a religion of tomorrow that incorporates both Waking Up (meditative states) and Growing Up (human developmental stages), as well as Cleaning Up (shadow work) and Showing Up (working with quadrants), and explores how we can practice the religion of tomorrow today, expanding our potential for growth and realization.

Welcome to The Religion of Tomorrow.

This course will help you . . .

  • Reflect on what is of ultimate concern to you and understand how this relates to spiritual intelligence
  • Consider your own shadow material and apply 3-2-1 practice to work with it
  • Experience Full Spectrum Mindfulness practices, including Witnessing and One-Taste Awareness, for yourself
  • Practice Integral Tantra and understand its importance in a religion of tomorrow
  • Deepen your understanding and practice of Integral teachings
  • Integrate Waking Up, Cleaning Up, Growing Up, and Showing Up into your own religion of tomorrow