Recollecting Divinity

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A Transpersonal Lyricism

I open myself to all experience as a path to remembering divinity.” – PS

Painting in the western tradition has more than once been likened to poetry – an apt comparison for the art of Pamela Sukhum, whose work is intimate, decisive, gentle and forceful: a poetical painting in the mood of lyric.

A pictorial lyricism moreover that is exceptional in seamlessly expressing transpersonal waves of being: radiant transparencies and opacities of space and form conducting kosmic flows of love.

The famous feminist dictum that the “personal is the political” might be refigured with reference to this art as the personal is the transpersonal – not the personal as step to the transpersonal (the latter merely tolerating the former); but an individuation of painterly expression that marries and celebrates both – artistic creations of a Unique Self.

The nature-based imagery of these paintings is allusive — symbolic in the mystical sense of the term: resounding in silence, replete with significance; aesthetic engagement moved to deeper modes of comprehension.

Sukhum’s artworks are like waking dreams disclosing the never before having been seen.

Songs of a knowing silence, visual lyrics of shining care.

Michael Schwartz
January 2011

From the artist:

“I open myself to all experience as a path to remembering divinity.

In my desire to share my experiences along this path, I paint that which I find difficult to express in words.

May you find yourself feeling invited into experience.”

Pamela Sukhum

Pamela Sukhum

About Pamela Sukhum

Pamela Sukhum’s paintings are characterized by rich colors and textures, and warm, radiant energy. Her use of both broad, sweeping lines and delicate, intricate details give her work a depth and dimension truly unique to the art world. Fueled by spiritual and human connections forged during her journeys around the globe, from the monasteries of Tibet to the refugee camps of Eastern Chad, Pamela’s mission is to bring beauty and light to the world through her paintings.

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