Spiraling towards Perihelion

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A stunning collection of hand-drawn imagery by Markus Pintzinger, detailing the evolutionary journey through five of the major stages of development (as depicted by Spiral Dynamics).

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From the artist:

In early 2022, I was rereading Prof. Don E. Beck’s and Christopher C. Cowan’s book ‘Spiral Dynamics’ and pictures started popping up in my mind. I felt the urge to put them on paper, trying to illustrate the different stages of Spiral Dynamics through my own individual lens.

Before drawing anything, I like to immerse myself into each stage by reading and watching videos about it, and then let it simmer for a while. Gradually, images and ideas start to form in my mind’s eye, which then combine with other images and ideas to form a cohesive model of what I want to express. At this point, everything is still in my head.

My technical skills are limited, so I have to adapt what I form in my imagination to what I can actually produce. This can be frustrating at times, but I try to do the best with what I’ve got. And I’m still learning.

Once the general motive for the drawing has taken shape in my mind, I start to draw it using charcoal and black pen. The only colours used are those relative to the colours of the stages (i.e. the Thin Blue Line separating order from chaos; the dove with the green branch). The drawing process is quite fast compared to the incubation process. Everything falls in place without much effort and that’s the best part: “Being in the zone”, when a light footed dance of balance between conscious form and unconscious creative flow takes over. During this time I hardly eat or rest and I don’t really feel the need for it.

These drawings should not be taken as the ultimate representation of the Spiral Dynamics stages. They will undoubtedly resonate with some people but also differ from how others see them. My own centre of gravity, my shadows and my experiences will intersect with yours, maybe merge in harmony, maybe clash in dissonance, hopefully spark some exciting new creations of your own. That’s the beauty of the Spiral. 
As an otherworldly, wise man once said: Infinite diversity in infinite combinations.

Markus Pintzinger

About Markus Pintzinger

Markus Pintzinger is a jack of all trades and master of none: an entrepreneur, a sound therapy practitioner, a grease monkey, a musician, a creative soul. He is happiest when alone on a mountain, at home with his cats or travelling the world with his wife on a vintage motorcycle.