Rumi: Dancing in Fullness


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There are few experiences in life as satisfying as the poetry of Jalal ad-Din Rumi, which for many is the spiritual equivalent of enjoying a piece of rich delicious chocolate, listening to Bach, or perhaps sipping a glass of fine red wine. In this extraordinary performance you will hear Rumi as you never have before — through the resonant, whiskey-and-syrup voice of Coleman Barks, a preeminent poet, scholar, and interpreter of Rumi’s work, and the music of Grammy-winning artist David Darling.


The Sound of the Singing Waterfall: Celebrating the Mystical Poetry of Ken Wilber

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Music and poetry come together in an arousing celebration of Ken Wilber’s mystical writings, performed by Arni Karlsson, Ed Sarath, and Jeff Salzman. As Jeff says in his introduction, “Let these words wash over you; they are true pointing-out instructions — that is, they point out the True Nature of life and reality, as only Ken can.”