Rumi: Dancing in Fullness

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There are few experiences in life as satisfying as the poetry of Jalal ad-Din Rumi, which for many is the spiritual equivalent of enjoying a piece of rich delicious chocolate, listening to Bach, or perhaps sipping a glass of fine red wine.

There is a deeply sacred sensuality that runs through Rumi’s work, warming our hearts, arousing our spirits, and igniting our passion for awakening. One of history’s most cherished mystics, Rumi’s poetry truly knows no equal. The depth and beauty of Rumi’s ecstatic verses continue to reach to us through the centuries—timeless songs for the infinite Lover.

In this extraordinary performance you will hear Rumi as you never have before — through the resonant, whiskey-and-syrup voice of Coleman Barks, a preeminent poet, scholar, and interpreter of Rumi’s work. Coleman’s recitation is gracefully accompanied by the music of David Darling, a Grammy-winning artist who recorded 2009’s Prayers of Compassion—connecting the earthy incense of Rumi’s words with the celestial strings of the cello, uniting Heaven and Earth in one of the most beautiful productions of music and poetry that we’ve ever seen.

As the Buddha finds his enlightenment by sitting in immaculate Emptiness, Rumi finds his by dancing in radical Fullness. Here’s you opportunity to join him in that eternal ecstatic dance.

Coleman Barks

About Coleman Barks

Coleman Barks is a renowned poet and the author of nearly twenty books of translations of the Persian mystical poet Rumi and other Near Eastern poets.

David Darling

About David Darling

“Maverick cellist” is the phrase most often assigned to Grammy winning artist, David Darling, but it hardly captures the richness, diversity, breadth and sense of humor of a man who literally redefines the way the cello is played and the way music is taught.