Welcome to the What NOW Conference Media Page. Clearly we are in new territory as we try to personally and culturally navigate the current reality show. As Ken has said, it is the perfect time for the Integral Life community to come together over New Years to explore what are our responses are to all that is arising.

Here you can find a sampling of some of the themes and ideas we will be exploring at the What Now conference this coming New Year in beautiful Colorado. We are going to go very personal in our inquiry. What is attracting your attention, how is your work and practice a response to what’s arising in you and what shifts are you noticing as a result of your Integral perspective.

Some of these themes are very big wicked problems and it is important to address them, but we also want to become aware of how they impact us personally. Our extraordinary presenters will lead us in practice and exercise designed to really dive deeply into these cultural currents.

We will be adding more content to this page as we progress towards the conference, so keep checking back for the latest from our What NOW presenters. Enjoy!

Trump and a Post-Truth World

Ken Wilber

The election of Donald Trump is an evolutionary self-correction that has been decades in the making, a backlash against the failure of the leading edge of consciousness–postmodernism and pluralism–to acknowledge the lie underlying the progress they’ve pursued: it’s not equal, it’s not consistent and it doesn’t make room for everyone. But a new integral force is emerging that can move beyond the narcissism and nihilism of political correctness to offer genuine leadership and a move towards a developmental-based wisdom of greater wholeness.

Pre-Truth, Post-Truth, and Beyond

Jeff Salzman

Jeff Salzman takes a look at how integralists can understand and relate to the fight over pre-modern, modern and postmodern conceptions of truth, and how a new integration of the three can help us build a more authentically inclusive world.