Andre Marquis

Andre Marquis

Andre Marquis is an associate professor in counseling and human development at the Warner School, University of Rochester. His teaching, research, and scholarly interests include counseling theories and practice, psychotherapy integration and unification, group therapy, relational psychodynamics, Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy and other emotion-focused therapies, developmental constructivism, human change processes, and integral theory as it provides a metatheoretical framework to coherently organize theory and practice. Although he has carried out a number of empirical studies, his strength involves conceptual and theoretical analyses, exploring issues such as unification in counseling and psychotherapy, epistemology and research methodologies, and psychopathology and human suffering.

Marquis is the author of several books, includingIntegral Psychotherapy: A Unifying Approach (2018), Understanding Psychopathology: An Integral Exploration (2014), The Integral Intake: A Guide to Comprehensive Idiographic Assessment in Integral Psychotherapy (2008),and Theoretical Models of Counseling and Psychotherapy (in its 3rd edition). He has also authored numerous scholarly articles, including articles he co-authored with Ken Wilber and Michael Mahoney, both of whom he has worked with closely. Given that Marquis’s primary work involves developing a unified approach to counseling and psychotherapy, he has published in a range of journals, including but not limited to the Journal of Psychotherapy Integration, Journal of Unified Psychotherapy and Clinical Science, Journal of Counseling and Development, Journal of Humanistic Psychology, Psychoanalytic Inquiry, Constructivism in the Human Sciences, Journal of Integral Theory and Practice, Counseling and Values, and Journal of Mental Health Counseling.

Marquis serves in various editorial roles for national publications, including the Journal of Psychotherapy Integration, the Journal of Unified Psychotherapy and Clinical Practice, and the Journal of Integral Theory and Practice, and is on the advisory board of the Unified Psychotherapy Project. He has taught more than 20 different courses in psychology, counseling, and human development. In addition to continuing to empirically investigate integrative and unified counseling approaches, Marquis is interested in exploring research on human change processes, including how spirituality (secular and religious) and other aspects of Integral-Constructive approaches affect health and development across the life course.

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An Integral Taxonomy of Therapeutic Interventions

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Given that therapists are confronted with literally hundreds of techniques or interventions to potentially utilize in their clinical practice — and a growing chasm separating research and practice — how do therapists dispel the confusion that so many of us feel as we confront this fragmented heap of techniques? In short, how do therapists decide which interventions to use with a given client?


A More Unifying Psychotherapy


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Andre Marquis, PhD, is associate professor of counseling and human development and author of several books and scholarly articles in the field of Integral Psychology. Today Andre talks to Ken Wilber about his most recent book, Integral Psychotherapy: A Unifying Approach, which explores how a more comprehensive understanding of the self can greatly enhance, enrich, and energize the therapeutic experience for both patient and practitioner.