Chris Huang

Chris Huang

Chris Huang creates artwork using colored pencil and ink on wood. Inspired by the natural wonder and cosmic nature of life, the artist crafts his work in the time honored tradition of patience, perseverance, and great passion for the arts and their significance in our world. He shows his artwork regularly in the Boulder/Denver area as his work visits various cafes, restaurants and galleries. In the spring and summer months he runs the Lyons Outdoor Market which features fine arts and crafts in an outdoor setting each Saturday in downtown Lyons, CO. He currently resides in Boulder, CO with his wife and children.

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Animal Mysteries

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Chris Huang’s art celebrates animals in the wild. His paintings reveal these creatures not as mirrors of our own humanity, but as radiant Others, at home in their Kosmic habitats, mysterious living beings of Spirit who are to be encountered in reverential awe and wonder.