David Loye

David Loye

Award-winning author David Loye is likely the first in history to publish twenty new books within only a two year span at age 83.

Unique for quality as well as quantity, his new books range from the popular appeal of eight books of an Entertainment and Humor Cycle and a Love Cycle to twelve books of pioneering scholarship. Among six for his Darwin Anniversary Cycle are books acclaimed as “revolutionary” and a “work of genius” by leading world scientists. Six more for his Moral Transformation Cycle probe the corruption and degradation of the American ideal and how we may reclaim the high road for human evolution.

Behind these books lie the adventures he writes of in an unusual new joint biography of his wife and himself 3,000 Years of Love: The Life of Riane Eisler and David Loye. The humor of a Garrison Keillor childhood on a cool lake in Minnesota and the hot oil fields of Oklahoma emerges in Brave Laughter. World War II in the Navy, post-War years as a television newsman in the Edward R.Murrow days, his national award-winning book The Healing of a Nation, his decade as a psychologist on the faculties of Princeton and the UCLA School of Medicine—so life advances into middle age. Then comes the discovery of one another that forged the partnership of Loye and Eisler and the decades of their pivotal involvement in the development of evolutionary systems science, resulting in Darwin’s Lost Theory, Darwin on Love, Bankrolling Evolution, Measuring Evolution, and other books of Loye’s Darwin Anniversary Cycle, and lifelong involvement in social and political activism behind the visionary power of The River and the Star, The Glacier and the Flame I, II, and III, The Science of Evil, and other books of his Moral Transformation Cycle.

Dr.Loye is a co-founder of the multinational General Evolution Research Group, a co-founder of The Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology and the Life Sciences, founder of the Darwin Project (www.thedarwinproject.com), and co-founder with internationally known author and cultural evolution theorist Riane Eisler of the Center for Partnership Studies in Pacific Grove, California (www.partnershipway.org). Besides 3,000 Years of Love, Loye writes of their lives together in the development of advanced evolution theory, the great social movements of our times, and the joyful everyday enjoyment of life in Return to Amalfi and two books of love poems, 100 Days of Love and 1001 Days of Love. With our motto “Books to Reclaim the American Mind, Heart, and Soul,” this new explosion of books for Loye in his eighties has set the goal and tone for the publication of new books on science . . education . . politics . . morality . . spirituality . . entertainment and humor . . and love by the Benjamin Franklin Press.

Behind these ventures lies an unusual career path. A news correspondent with the Navy in the closing years of World War II, Loye became a television newsman during the Edward R.Murrow days of early television pioneering. After writing an award winning book on American history and gaining his doctorate in psychology in early middle age, while a Princeton and UCLA School of Medicine faculty member he was the research director for major studies of political values, the use of the brain and mind in prediction, and the impact of movies and television on adults.

In later years, after co-founding two international organizations involved in advanced evolution studies, he has focused primarily on the development of action-oriented evolution theories. These include Moral Transformation Theory, Evolutionary Action Theory, and a Triadic Theory of Evolution.

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