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Elliott Ingersoll

Elliott Ingersoll

Elliott Ingersoll is a licensed psychologist and clinical counselor in Ohio. He is professor of counseling/ counseling psychology and “Distinguished Faculty Member” at Cleveland State University. His research interests span a broad spectrum including psychopathology, mental health diagnosis, psychopharmacology, and spirituality in counseling and psychotherapy.

Elliott has authored or co-authored six books and dozens of peer-reviewed papers and book chapters on mental health related topics. What unites his research interests is a free thought approach to Integral Theory. His latest project is educating people about the lies perpetrated by the pharmaceutical industry especially where medicating children is concerned. His TEDxCleveland talk on this topic is at http://www.tedxcle.com/ and more information about he and his practice can be found at www.elliottingersoll.com.


Psychedelics in Psychotherapy

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Special guest Dr. Elliott Ingersoll joins Doctors Keith Witt and Mark Forman to share their personal and professional experiences with psychedelics while reviewing relevant research, current practices, and the amazing potentials of these treatments. Therapists need as many tools as possible to remediate symptoms, enhance health, and support development. The way we see it therapies utilizing psychedelics will become increasingly available and likely useful in the years to come.