Sheri Munce

Sheri Munce

Sheri Munce comes from a long line of artists. Her mother, who practiced and taught art, was a great influence on her artistic development throughout her life, introducing her to acrylics, charcoal and pencil early in life. Her grandmother and brother are also accomplished artists, and their joy of the arts was also influential in Sheri's development and love for the arts.

Sheri began using acrylics on canvas in 2001, and became serious about developing her style in 2002. Her abstract style and bold use of color has set her work apart as very unique and desirable. Since then, Sheri has been experimenting with different media and techniques. While her acrylic on canvas remains a regular medium, she has garnered a large following for her extractionist style of acrylic painting on glass. Sheri has now sold hundreds of her original pieces, which are on display in private collections around the US.

Sheri has found the need to separate the ego from her creation process in order to let the divine creativity flow through her. As an outward sign of this, Sheri has dropped the "ri" in her artist signature, and now signs her work as "She."

To quote one of the great minds of our time, Joseph Campbell, Sheri intends to "follow her bliss" for her own enjoyment and the enjoyment of those who appreciate her creations.

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“My art is a true expression of the creativity that lives inside of me. This creativity is a gift, and I am honored to have been chosen for it. My hope is that my art identifies with the creativity that lives within you, and that it somehow inspires you to seek your creative self.”