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The great Vietnamese Buddhist teacher and adept Thich Nhat Hanh once wrote that words like “love” and “joy” are wounded words, ravaged and worn thin by time, and in dire need of healing.

The art of Sheri Munce is a source of this healing.

Munce goes by the artistic name of She, a shortened version of Sheri, attesting to her commitment to bring forth in her own unique way the waves and wisdom of the Feminine Divine. This is no small calling, as almost every single one of us—young and old, male and female—secretly craves the ongoing influx of the Being-force that is Her.

Our collective hyper-masculine1 habits can readily misconstrue Munce’s art as “sweet,” “saccharine,” and “nice”. But within the suffusing energy of these sophisticated works is a Divine Sweetness and Tenderness that embraces all flavors of existence: simplicity and complexity, boldness and delicacy, pain and pleasure, the ragged and the flowing.

The imagery ranges brilliantly from Kosmic Hearts to glowing heroines, to innovative abstractions, to enactments of dance and prayer, to timeless archetypes of Spirit like the Tree of Wisdom. Each and every work is singular, each and every surface lovingly rendered, scintillating with the mutual care of part and whole.

Sheri’s work represents a rare opportunity for healing, a tender space where Love and Joy dance freely, untouched by the vulgarities of our wounded world. Whatever the particulars of your own incarnation—man or woman, masculine or feminine—allow the gift of Sheri’s art to wash over you and through you like a sacred salve for the soul.

Michael Schwartz
May 2010

From the artist:

“My art is a true expression of the creativity that lives inside of me. This creativity is a gift, and I am honored to have been chosen for it. My hope is that my art identifies with the creativity that lives within you, and that it somehow inspires you to seek your creative self.”

– Sheri Munce

Sheri Munce

About Sheri Munce

Sheri Munce comes from a long line of artists. Her mother, who practiced and taught art, was a great influence on her artistic development throughout her life, introducing her to acrylics, charcoal and pencil early in life. Her grandmother and brother are also accomplished artists, and their joy of the arts was also influential in Sheri's development and love for the arts.

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