Stefan Schultz

Stefan Schultz

Stefan Schultz is a journalist at Der Spiegel magazine. He is a former correspondent in San Francisco, New York and Beijing, and has done reporting and analyses from all over the world. He is a business editor with priorities on energy transition, digitalization, and China. Stefan is the author of several books, and a lecturer in multimedia storytelling. He is winner of the Ernst Schneider Prize and the Georg Holtzbrinck Prize. Stefan has been an integral student and practitioner since 2018, and lives in Germany with his wife and two sons.

Stefan studied media culture, politics and British literature in Hamburg and Lisbon (M.A.), and has done freelance work at "Hamburger Abendblatt", "Prinz", and the Portuguese daily newspaper "24 Horas". Development editor and cross-media representative for the print and TV edition of "Deutschland International".

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Integral Journalism in the Disinformation Age


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Stefan Schultz is a journalist for Der Spiegel magazine since 2008, and a student of integral theory since 2018. In this fun and far-ranging discussion, Corey deVos talks to Stefan about his own integral approach to journalism, taking a careful look at the primary methods and motivations of journalism we see at each major stage of development. They then go on to suggest what a more integral form of journalism might look like, while also exploring a number of related topics โ€” the role of art and aesthetics in journalism, the distinction between orthodox and heterodox sources of information, the collapse of legitimacy in our media institutions, and much more.