Valente Saenz

Valente Saenz

Valente Francisco Saenz, also known as “Pancho”, was born in the vibrant border region of the United States and Mexico. After several years of working in the International Banking sector he returned to the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) to finish his Multidisciplinary studies Bachelor’s degree in Art painting and Museum studies. Aware of the challenges museums are facing he decided to continue his Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary studies (MAIS) in Museums Research and Communities at UTEP where he is a graduate student.

He strongly believes that we all are connected. Also, he believes we are in a major shift in our world, one that will bring a renewed spiritual awareness. His larger paintings such as Hybridization, Social Networks and his first art installation are great examples of his beliefs. Inspired by the larger vision of the self he started several art collaboration projects this year. The first one named art-HACEP community expression project which involves the participation of three communities who live in apartments’ complex under the Housing Public program of the City of El Paso. He built twelve panels that distributed in these communities and encouraged them to draw, write, and paint on them living the participants the freedom to do whatever they like. Adults, young people and children are participating. These panels will return to him to add his first art collaboration. Also, a second participation from these communities is in progress and at the end all these panels will return to him to be finished. This is a unique art community collaboration which is unfolding without the need of guidelines just trusting the magical force of this wonderful universe. A similar art collaboration project is in progress with the collaboration of his facebook’s friends. His facebook’s friends are sending the images of their artworks to his account. From his account there are downloaded, printed and attached to several panels where he is doing his art collaboration.

These new art experiences are enhancing his artworks alternating the cybernetic and the real worlds in search of participatory art projects. He is expecting to have a public event at the end of this year where all participants of art-HACEP community expression project will be invited.

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“I used to do some research before creating an artwork, now I only “submerge” and begin working, knowing and trusting the magical force that operates this awesome universe. I make the analogy that I have never seen a bird taking a flying course, it comes with all the equipment and skills it needs to cross an ocean without fear of getting lost. I believe if we consider that our origin is beyond our human comprehension, then we need to trust our “heart’s compass”. At the end we are travelers passing by. As someone stated, “we are spiritual beings having a human experience”.